Sometimes you will have to make sacrifices. Some that rip at the core. And with sacrifice, emerges risk. Risks that are so dark you no longer see your dreams. Where you may embark on a journey that does not suit your fancy. But sometimes you have to do it. You have to suck it up. You have to endure the challenges of the risks and endure the elements of sacrifice.

It is when your gut creates these powerful vibrations so heavy and deep, it almost hurts. It knows the sacrifice will be worth it because it is part of your journey, part of your journey that will one day shape your reality into your dreams, a cruel expression fueling your fire to conquer them, it is part of the test... Testing to see how much you will give to live your dream. These sacrifices are unconsciously guiding you closer to your vision, to your happy place.

But you have to be strong enough to trust in that. And so, as passionate as your heart pumps, you must first listen to the power of your mind.