My Days in India

Almost half way through the teacher training course and with my experience here in India, and it's been like no other.

I'll be honest, it hasn't been easy and full of peaceful easy vibes you may think a yoga retreat would bring. 

I have been okay with not having running water for a day, I understand I'm in India and it's a different life. But three days with not being able to flush the toilet or brush my teeth or rinse my hands after snacking on a date.. The simple things. It gets tough. Especially when you're used to having water at your feet.

Needless to say I am learning to take my pranayama into action (breathing techniques) to calm away my exasperations and although I'm not big on the pranayama/meditation part of the course, it's sort of helping me not go crazy. Although I will say I was not happy with the case because the other yogis across the hall get water! So why is it just our six rooms?! 

I can look at it in a few ways and I'll take it as a test by the higher power strongly reminding of what a beautiful and blessed life I do have everyday. So I'll accept it. 

But, it wasn't fun when the three days of no water decided to happen when I got food poisoning/sickness... That has been the biggest struggle, the food. We get made an Indian cuisine twice a day which is nice but food my body does not accept. (From now on I am only eating the breakfast here which is oats and fruit).

And so I have been venturing out into town reluctant but forced to try food (so I would not starve myself) and more or less I had issues.

Now, I've come across two places I can eat at and I'm overjoyed and so happy to have found a place of decent food. It was a hallelujah moment. 

Besides the struggles of water and food, two needs in life, I'm doing well. This part of the course is the toughest because it's dead center in the middle and waking up EVERYDAY at 5:30 is no easy task, so it's catching up quickly but I am happy because the schedule is becoming easier as we are starting to create our own sequences and dive into other fun practices. (And get out of the anatomy and philosophy lectures)

Like today for our workshop we did partner yoga and tomorrow we have acrobatic yoga! That is going to be my next goal, acro yoga! Maybe one day to even teach it. Anyway, today's workshop was fun and I am excited for tomorrow's workshop as well.

Tomorrow we have another morning of cleansing which sounds awful because of my previous experience. We are doing Agnisar (vahnisara Dhauti) which is activating the digestive fire. This is when you drink a mixture (I am not exactly sure what it is) and it comes out BOTH ways until you're completely cleaned out.

Our teacher told us that one girl did it last month and it hit her so fast she was running up the stairs and she couldn't hold it in where it all came down her pants and legs... How awful!! Yeah so that's tomorrow...

Count me WAY out. 

I'll go observe and support but heck no am I putting my body through another vomiting session. And out the other end too?! No no no not for me. At least not yet, still working on becoming a "yogi".

Anyway, same routine tomorrow but Shatkarma (the cleansing) instead of meditation and the schedule remains the same. I am hoping my body will be feeling 100% by tomorrow because I am still recuperating. 

All in all, this is a chapter on my journey of curiosity. 


First Day of Cleansing the Internal Body

Interesting morning to say the least. On the up side we didn't have meditation but still had to be up and about at 6.

We started the internal cleansing process this morning. It's called: Shatkarma. There are six types, shat in Sanskrit means six and karma means action. 

The goal of Shatkarma is to create harmony between the two major pranic flows, Ida and Pingala, thereby attaining physical and mental purification. They are also used to balance the three doshas: Kapha (mucus), Pitta (bile) and Vata (air).

We attempted three this morning. The first practice is called Neti, cleansing and purifying the nasal passages. The first was on jala neti, putting water through one nostril so that it comes out the other nostril in order to clean the naval passages. That was easy, but felt super weird and I had to blow my nose a few times.

Then was rubber neti, which is apart of neti. You have a small tube like string you twist up your nose and then reach your hand in your mouth to grab it at the throat and pull through like dental floss. I attempted both nostrils but both times my nose started to bleed so either I was being too aggressive and shoving it up wrong or my nose just didn't like it. 

Not the best photo of me, but here's my attempt at rubber neti.
Some people got it and they would gag and tears would rush down their faces, it was intense. I was tearing up because it stung to get the tube up so high.

This is a way to get the mucus out and all the toxins that are inside. 

After that, was Dhauti, an internal cleansing technique of the stomach. You chug warm sea salt water. You are suppose to chug 4-8 glasses and trust me, if you chug them fast enough you won't have any issues vomiting. And I did not. 

It was nasty. At first I was slowly drinking it and then I realized that was doing me no good. 

The night before you don't eat after like 2100. I had a grilled cheese and a piece of  banana cake (yes you're right, that is not apart of this vegan/ Indian/ yogi diet, but the Indian meals twice a day every day are getting old and getting to my stomach) so I was hungry for a grilled cheese and a sweet treat, so damn right I got it!! 

Anyway, not the point. After vomiting quite a bit (it was incredible how much water came up when it seemed like four cups wouldn't do so much, but it did) I was feeling unsure of how my body was going to react to the aftermath.

But then we were required to drink a cup of warm milk... SICK. I do not like milk and when I'm in anatomy class I stare out the window to see the cows eating trash in their "field". So that was not appealing whatsoever.

Nevertheless it's important because we cleaned out the internal organs so we now need to build a wall inside to protect the stomach so milk is the solution, apparently.

I went for half a glass of soy milk. I told him I was not as big as the others so why should I have a glass as big as theirs? Valid I thought. 

I went back to my room and the last thing I wanted was food. We had yoga class in a few minutes, which was not exactly what I wanted to do after throwing up my guts at 6 in the morning but Asana practice started at 730 so I was there.

The class began and I start to feel super ill, saliva was coming up like I needed to vomit. And the postures that are compression postures to the stomach like doing bujangasana, cobra pose, was not ideal.

I kept telling myself it's in the head, we're just doing a simple flow. But when the instructor started to adjust me to deepen my postures I was not feeling it. The reason I wasn't going so deep was because my stomach felt ill, granted she didn't know that but it was not helpful.

So I said to myself, "I'm usually not a complainer (I like to think so) and I am good with pain so I know when I don't feel good since it's not often". And my step dad once told me, "sometimes we need to take one small step back to finish three steps ahead."

I came to the conclusion something was not right and he's right, taking the mini step back to evaluate my body is the right thing to do which can lead me, in the end, to potentially be three steps farther. 

I got out of the posture grabbed my key and left my mat.

I rushed to the bathroom in my room and vomited, more water and that mixture came out. Sick. (And there goes the point of drinking the milk)

I wanted to make sure it was all out though so that everything would go back to normal.

With that in mind, I made myself puke one more time, which really wasn't difficult because I was still not feeling well. 

And with that vomit, some blood came out... Gross. And so no more puking for me. I laid on my bed and did not return to asana practice.

As soon as breakfast was ready I made myself three bowls of oatmeal and grabbed a mango and two bananas. My stomach, it seemed, was mad at me.

I was exhausted for the rest of the day. In the end, I am not going to do either of those detoxes again. It is not for me.

And in life, some things aren't for everyone and that is when you have to know your body and your body's limit.

Do I think this is a good detox? I think the nasal passage one to the other nasal passage is fine to clear the nose but otherwise I would say suitable for those that feel their body accepts it. Mine did not. And I may have tried too hard with the nose to mouth one but now I know it's not okay. 

The rest of the day dragged on as I was fatigued from puking so much and with little in the stomach.

I ended up I skipping out on lunch and dinner since it is Indian cuisine every day, which is too heavy for me right now. And I'm too tired to walk a mile up a mountain to other food. Plus my stomach is not asking for much, just rest. 

All in all, it was an interesting morning and an experience. I am not sure how well I'll do with the future cleanses but I'll give it a try because it is important to embrace other cultures, especially when you're in their environment.

Tomorrow is back to the same routine - meditation at 6 straight to yoga practice at 8 to breakfast at 930 to philosophy at 1030 to noon then unto lunch to posture break downs after at 1400 until 1530 for a fifteen minute tea break back at it at 1545 for a workshop until 1800, dinner time...  

Overall, there's a lot to learn and in the next coming days we are studying the Ayurveda diet which I am excited to learn about and I will be sure to share those enticing details with you in the near future.

Until then, I am resting until morning meditation.


The First International Yoga Day

What a busy day for the day off! No time for sleeping in on a day of celebration. We woke up at 5 and headed to the Dalai llama temple  for his speech commemorating the 80th birthday.

It was intense. Of course I thought I was invincible and I tried to bring in my phone although they repeatedly said no. I got through security but one lady saw my phone hidden in my rain coat hood... Bummer. I had to go to a stand and put my phone there in exchange for a number. A little skeptical about it but I had no choice and got my phone back at the end.

By the time I got in it was packed and finding a seat was near impossible. But don't worry I used my assertive ways and squeezed my tush in between a young Tibetan boy and elderly lady. 

The good thing about this crowd is that they are nice people so it wasn't like trying to squeeze between to New Yorkers.

We only had room for the typical cross legged position. So that wasn't ideal but I managed ... For FOUR hours straight, no joke. I didn't even stand because I didn't want to loose my spot.

I watched the clock on the side of the temple tick four full times around. I don't think I've ever sat for so long doing nothing. No book, no journal, no phone, nothing. A few almonds that I ate way to quick.

They threw out amazing bread, but of course I had to share, but I enjoyed the half piece. It was like pita bread but thicker and tasted sweet. 

Tibetan bread

They also threw out drinks but it didn't reach us. There were a couple thousand people that attended. I was lucky to have snagged a seat on the floor, many were standing behind and couldn't even see the big screens or anything. 

Luckily I could and was able to see the Dalai llama walk in at the entrance. He spoke in Tibetan but it was still a cool experience.

I didn't stay the whole time, I got the jist after four hours. 

After I got lunch and walked around the town side street shopping and around 1700 started the two hour sun salutations in honor of the day! 

It is, International Yoga Day, it is the first official day the world is recognizing it! Also the start of the summer solstice. In honor of the day we do 108 sun salutations which is quite a lot and one time counts when you do both sides.

Here is a summary: 

The surya namaskar (sun salutations) the classical hatha yoga consists of 12 postures on each side. And you move with your breath, inhale to one posture and exhale to the the next. 

Here is the sequence:

Pranamasana (prayer pose or hands at heart center) breathe in and out.

Hasta Utthanasana (raised arm pose) inhale

Padahastasana (hand to foot pose) exhale 

Asha Sarchalanasana (equestrian pose) inhale 

Parvatasana (like downward dog but feet together) exhale 

Ashtanga Namaskar (8 point salute) breath retention 

Bhujangasana (cobra pose) inhale

Parvatasana exhale 

Asha Sanchalanasana inhale 

Padahastasana exhale 

Hasta Utthanasana inhale 

Pranamasana exhale 

Repeat other side and that is one complete surya namaskar!

Today I did 108! It took about two hours. It was quite long I video taped most of it but my phone went to 20% battery and stopped the video ... But I got most of it on the time lapse which is pretty cool. 

(I enjoy watching the background and sky change as the time passed)

Anyway it's been quite a long day and I'm trying to enjoy dinner with some yogi friends! 

Thanks for keeping posted!!


Dev's Exploration of Meditation

Every day since we've been here it's 6 am meditation for an hour and forty five minutes. I can't say I am getting the hang of it. 

We all gather in a room and sit cross legged, with of course a straight posture, otherwise, apparently, it is impossible to meditate with a slouched spine (bummer). 

We first start with some mantras which are basically like prayers. What I've learned is that yoga existed before all religions and yoga was a way of life with a set of beliefs and rituals.

Buddhism and Hinduism resemble a lot of the yoga philosophy but not exactly. At first I was confused, especially in philosophy class, I was asking is this Hinduism or Buddhism that we are learning? But it is neither. Simply a way of life before religion was a thing.

So anyway, these morning mantras (I think of them as "chants") which are like prayers, the famous OM means the Supreme Power, which most chants start with, acknowledging the higher being, so for those religious people it would be your God... Is how I'm interpreting it.

The chants are asking the Supreme Power to give us peace, happiness and all that jazz. We repeat each mantra five times as a group. 

I am so happy when the mantras are over... No offense. (It's about forty minutes long)

One. My singing voice sounds like a dying chicken and chanting or whatever you want to call it is too similar to a singing voice so I'd rather spare everyone who thinks I'm in pain sooner than later.

And two... I get bored easily repeating the same thing over and over again. (I mean honestly is praying at a chapel, church, mosque, synagogue etc. super exciting?)

After the chants we do a few slow inhales and exhales and then sit in silence a.k.a meditate for three minutes. 

You're suppose to only focus on your breath and have zero thoughts... That for me is nearly impossible, my mind runs at the speed of lightening with thoughts coming in from all directions. 

And in fact, I love day dreaming. I love my subconscious mind drifting off, and linking one thought with the slightest connection to the next. 

But apparently that is not how you meditate.

However today I was like, "I enjoy my thoughts" so I did not try to stop them, like I have attempted before. When I do try to think of nothing, it's a struggle and usually leads to thoughts and today those three minutes lasted longer than my back pain had liked.

But anyway once that's all done we head to the pranayama part of meditation, which is breathing. Your prana is your chest area, your breath, so without your prana you are no longer in the physical world. 

We do some interesting exercises. Thank god I've matured a little bit and can take the exercises seriously... Well seriously enough that I'm not laughing out loud. Sometimes I smirk to myself because I think it's hilarious that me, out of all people, is sitting in a room with, well more or less hippies / spiritual people (You get my drift) and I am here meditating with them. 

To my defensive us westerners do not do this in our life and for me it is odd. For example, we will do this one exercise where you just breath out through your nose. But it's not the typical uijjai breath. 

You continuously exhale through your nostrils at a fast pace as your abdominals rise and fall. It makes a weird sound, not like you're sniffing something but the opposite because you're exhaling out the nose (almost like you have a booger in your nose and you're trying to blow it out). And eventually you create a steady beat. Sometimes I loose myself and have to start over.

When we get in partners, like we did today. I try to be on my best behavior because I know they take this seriously and I don't want to ruin their "vibes". So the second partner I had was one of the more serious types who for example does meditation practices on her own... I would rather not sit on my bum crossed legged for another minute if I don't have to. 

Anyway, so we sit face to face, eyes closed, cross legged and have our hands six inches apart from each other, making a 90 degree angle with our arms. (And our palms are not touching.)

We do that one breathing exercise for a minute or so then sit in silence for awhile and "observe" what we feel.

Well, I don't really feel anything. What am I suppose to feel? I certainly feel back pain on my right side and my ankle is sore from sitting in this specific cross legged position. But I can't move or else I will disturb my partners feelings. 

So I try so hard to concentrate and feel something... and I started to feel movement in my right palm and then into my left. I am thinking, "how is this possible?" I come to the conclusion that I am psychologically putting these thoughts in my mind because when we go around the room and ask what we feel this is what some say. 

By the end, which felt like an eternity of discomfort, we can open our eyes and discuss our thoughts...

She said she has never thought to herself, "how much longer are we going to sit like this" before and so apparently my energy and thoughts traveled through to her... My bad... My dang back was hurting!

I told her I felt slight energy in my palm and she got excited... Otherwise I would be the only one to say I didn't feel anything.

I wonder with time if I'll truly be able to feel something or not. Although I think when I might be feeling a "vibration" or energy that I'm just putting it in my head... 

Anyway, meditation wrapped up and I was more so a happy camper... I have a long way to improve. 

And although I did say I am here to deepen my knowledge of yoga and all that.. I can never see myself personally teaching my yoga class with meditation. It's not exactly me. But I suppose it doesn't hurt to take a few stabs at it. 

Philosophy class ticked by at the speed of a snail crossing a six inch - thick finish line. But he made it and so did I. 

I've started doodling more, I've been spending a good amount of time naming the 50 states. The last two days I was missing one state and I couldn't figure it out.. Today I named them all... Wohoo. That was my highlight, now I'm stuck naming the capitals however that is going to take a few more days... But philosophy class isn't going anywhere so I hope to concur that one in the upcoming weeks.

Tomorrow the Dalai Llama speaks at his temple! It's a special event so we have the day off, instead of Monday which was when we were going to hike. He starts his speech in the late morning but some are leaving at five to get there early and others plan to leave around 5:30 (not much difference) in order to get a good spot, so I'll be joining the "later" crew at 5:30.

You can't bring cameras or phones with you, which is a bummer. But it will be an experience of a lifetime. He doesn't speak often and the fact we get to see him speak at his temple is special, especially for those who follow his way of life.

And in honor of International Yoga day we are doing 108 sun salutations, surya namaskars... Roughly two hours long of a constant flow... So let's hope I won't be too sore... Despite the fact this is our day off! (Ha ha) 

Anyway, that's all I'm going to gossip about today but I will soon fill you in with the juicy details of tomorrow's event.


Graced with Good Fortune

There is something truly amazing standing over me, accepting my accidents/mistakes, probably shaking it's head at me (with a smile) and helping me up from whatever accident I made this time. 

I know I need to learn to get my "stuff" together but we are all human and one's like me, as my mother would say, are a "a walking catastrophe". Where I am move too fast, unconsciously, and forget where I put things or what I even did. Or knock something over but sometimes my quick reflexes come in handy and I can snatch but in all, I am high energized and sporadic which causes me to, well, not be so put together. 

Anyway, my point to this spiel is I have come to the realization that I am blessed with something / someone taking care of me, and whatever it is thank you and whatever I am doing please let me continue to keep it going because you/it is beyond helpful. 

Let me explain -- so it was a miracle to get my passport in time (previous blog on arriving to India), a miracle to make my original flight with the delay in the visa, a miracle that my iPhone was not stolen when I foolishly left it on the seat at baggage claim, and I have been given yet another miracle, or blessing in my mind.

Long story short I had this terrible landlord and when I arrived to move in there was spider webs coming down and an actual spider infestation, beer stains on the walls, a broken door so anyone could come into the house at anytime, a clogged shower drain... Etc. It was not ideal and the landlord and I did not see eye to eye especially when I called Denver inspection services. 

Anyway so I brought an iron from home to try and tidy up my outfits with a fresh look. I just didn't have an iron stand. So my first go, I iron my shirt on the carpeted floor, unplug the iron, and place it head down (so the heated part pressed against the floor). I left it there for a little bit of time and when I was about to leave I was straightening up my room and I went to pick up the iron and it made a big iron imprint on the carpet! I was like ... Well not saying good things.

So I had to figure out a way to hide it or fix it. 

Spring break goes by and I go to iron another piece of clothing. This time the iron apparently had burnt marks on it so it marked my shirt with a black spot. So I didn't even get to properly iron it but I left the iron standing straight up, unplugged.

Well I was moving too fast and I didn't even realize but I knocked over the iron so it ended up laying flat and I left it there for the night. I came back late and tried to pick up the iron and with force it lifted up.. Literally taking out a chunk of carpet in the shape of an iron. 

The two iron imprints were barely a foot a part.. Incredibly noticeable. 

Times goes by and I am counting on my mother, the handy man and fixer of my issues, to replace the carpet for me. Or at least show me how. 

But time ticks it's way to the end and we didn't get to fixing it. Well, I didn't bother mentioning it because my mother got mad every time since she doesn't understand how I did it multiple times (I also had done it once at our house... Unknowingly ... Although there's a slight chance one of my sisters just blamed me and I believed it). Anyway, it didn't get fixed by the time I got to India.

So we are wrapping up my one year lease at this place with the awful landlord and my mother mentions how it's coming out of my pocket, the replacement of the carpet, and I am like please don't cost too much. 

This is just a couple days ago, and I find out this morning, by the grace of whatever/whoever is standing over me, that the basement was flooded and the carpet was completely destroyed and now they have to replace the whole carpet... And no longer do I have to worry about those darn imprints I made!

How incredible is that? Colorado is not known for floods either, and to happen in the week that I would have to replace the carpet is a miracle.

I am in disbelief at how all these mistakes and accidents I have made have somehow made its way to a wonderful outcome. And I wish I had a lesson or advice for this blog as I try to do with many, but I am not quite sure what to say...

Karma, maybe. Although that's quite a lot of good karma for one person and I am in no means always a good human. Although of course I strive to be, as I'm sure most of us do. 

But I can say, someone/something is taking care of me and lifting me up out of some sticky situations and I couldn't be more appreciative of this gracious soul. 

As for yoga today - well the same routine except today I snagged the neighbors wifi so no need to trek to a wifi cafe! -- another wonderful thing.

I hope you receive and recognize the beauty in something today! 


Feeling the routine

Day two. 

I wouldn't say it flew by but it came and went, like days do. 

We started with the morning mediation and we did partner breathing. It was a little odd, but that's because us westerners don't mediate in our daily routine.

We sit cross legged and hold hands with a partner face to face. I first did it with a girl from Hungary. After she told me that I felt so stiff and not relaxed. When really I thought I was doing my best to relax and breathe but I suppose that she could be right because whenever I get a massage they repeatedly have to tell me to relax my body. I was born naturally tense.

Anyway we did it one more time and I was partnered with a woman from Japan. After she asked me if my shoulders hurt because they were not relaxed down... I didn't even notice. In fact, what's most uncomfortable is I get a terrible pain in my right upperback from sitting cross legged too long.. Or something.

And I can't quite figure out from what... So if anyone has any ideas let me know. 

Right now, it's tea break for fifteen minutes, but I'm not much of a tea person so I'm skipping out to write. In ten minutes we have our first asana yoga class of the day. Then the same routine as yesterday, breakfast, philosophy class, lunch, anatomy class, tea break, asana class, dinner... We only have the daily schedule for this week so I wonder if next week will change, I hope it does! We have this exact schedule until Saturday because Sunday is the celebration of the dhali llama so we will wake up before sunrise to hear the man himself speak. And then we will resume our Sunday schedule for Monday since we originally had Monday off. Unfortunately this means no hike on the day off but it'll be a fun experience to celebrate the Dalai llama. 

Interestingly, my legs feel right when I go to touch my toe, I wonder if it is from the constant sitting on my bum or because we did a lot of forward folds or you say, padahastasana. We have to know the yoga terms not just in English so that will be tricky.

We are learning the Surya Namasmar (sun salutations) right now. Hopefully I will get better with the pronunciation and memorization. 

Anyway, the day went by as it does and I got a spurt of energy and went to town with some of the girls and Joey, the only guy in our group. We went to an organic shop and I got some figs, dates and fiber bars... Oh yeah and chocolate bars. But this time to make myself feel better about enduring in chocolates I got dark chocolate this time.

Breakfast for the next month. Some fruit and porridge (obviously I doused it with sugar).

And on the way back, we came to this cafe for some wifi, although it is not ideal.

Anyway, I promise to make my posts more intriguing come the next, I'm adapting to the new schedule and enjoying some social time at the moment so bare with me.


The first full day: complete

What a day it has been! It's day one of the full schedule and I feel like I've barely had time to get to writing. I've been itching all day to find time to be here. 

I am skipping "tea break" right now to sneak away to write. There is so much I want to express but I only have so much time.

I woke up at 4 in a panic thinking my alarm didn't go off, and I fell back asleep to arise at 5:30. 

I got dressed and had my first Mantra, Pranayama & Mediation session. This lasted from 6 - 745. It was quite long and sitting in cross legged position isn't exactly the most comfortable.

But apparently with time it'll become easier. We rehearsed some chakras, which I was terrible at and started to fear the time when I have to lead the class in mediation. So I'm hoping I will get better with time and practice.

Pranayama focuses on your breath. Everything is breath. If you can control your breath you can control your life. 

It is an interesting way to look at life and a way that may benefit to do so. 

We talked about our senses and how our body is like a horse carriage. And our senses are the horses that pull our body. The driver is our mind.

The senses can't be the driver because they do not have a mind. Our taste, our touch, our smell... Etc. does not control us, it is our mind.

And if one of our senses becomes unbalanced our body falls apart. If you do not eat you go hungry and then grumpy... If you over indulge in food you become lazy and our bodies become unbalanced.

So it is key to keep all of ours senses in line and balanced so our mind can function to the fullest. 

Your mind is stronger than you. 

All of our senses our under control when our mind is strong.

We worked on breathing and having our mind completely in the present and not thinking about anything. 

For me, that was quite impossible -- my mind rattled with ideas so random they connected by the slightest relation and then back to the present moment of how my butt ached from sitting so long and if it would be inappropriate to move and what am I going to say when Dr. Sushil (our teacher) asks me what I thought about. I then would go on tangents thinking about how in the 50s China massacred Tibet and how Dharamsala is now where many Tibetans reside and how this now the place where the dalaia lama stays.... Etc.

I assume my mind will calm down since I have 29 more days of this. But this morning was the most interesting. 

After mediation came Asana practice at 745. Asana is the postures of yoga so basically a yoga practice us westerners are use to. 

After that, it was 930 and that meant BREAKFAST! Thank god! I was starving (although in between mediation and asana I ate a bar of chocolate) 

After breakfast at 1030 we had philosophy class. It was an extension of the early teachings in mediation and went deeper to explain the levels of yoga and it is quite intense. I had no idea the extent of what a yogi is, currently I am at level 3. If you get to 5 you no longer connect with the world and apparently live in the woods alone... My goal is to master level 3 and I will be just fine.

Anyway, that went for two hours and all of our seated activities are on the floor so my butt was sore and it was a long two hours.

Which wrapped up at 12:30 and then we had lunch until anatomy class at 14:00. 

It was alright, I feel like it's been a lot of sitting but I suppose I am use to running around all the time it is a good thing. 

Anatomy finished its course at 1530 and then now, tea time, until 1600. At 1600 we have our last yoga class of the day for two hours, another asana. 

Then at last 1830 is dinner. And by the time I post this it will be around 2000 after I have had dinner, showered and made it a mile to wifi... 

And so I did! Here I am, after my last asana class I was so fidgety from sitting all day I did some cardio in my room then showered and did the list above. 

Well it's an adventure so far, I'll be up mediating at 6 if anyone's interested!