"I don't want to do this, but for some reason I can't stop thinking about it."

"It is your mind that is speaking to you."

"Your heart is pounding, aching of fear, of the unknown. And your mind is aware of the pain, but knows you need to choose with your mind, not your heart."

"Because you can find love in all you do. But you must accept whatever it is and learn to love what comes your way. And how do you know a little sacrifice and a little faith in the unknown will not lead to better doors? Or won't lead you to greater happiness down the road?...."

She sighs. Before she could say a word,

"...Let your heart pump free but let your mind lead the way. Your heart hurts because it knows your mind is right and your heart will struggle because it is not easy, but it is willing to endure the pain knowing down the road your heart will be stronger and happier."

"Your heart is ready. The question is are you brave enough?"


I look back at a draft, I never finished, of a conversation I wrote for a yoga class...  how things change yet stay the same, how life moves yet stands still, how odd it is to be so far in time yet you feel like the earth stands grounded.

It is hard -  We must learn to adapt and be able to find comfort in things strange.

I have days where life is fabulous and I am doing great. And there are days where I wonder when I will get a chance to hit up the slopes or visit home. But this is all making me stronger. With time, I know I am becoming more whole, I am learning to love new places and new experiences. I am experiencing, I am living.

And with that I can say I am happy, yes I am sad I had to sacrifice things dear to my heart, but I know this hard work this moment in time, I will be able to look back and say, "Yeah I moved to Washington for a job, on my own... where I knew no one and nothing... I learned a lot...and I am proud I did it." I know months down the road I will be proud of myself and even though I have those days where I am lonely here, I know I am lucky. I making the right decisions that my mind and heart can agree on. But most importantly found in the mind and embraced by the heart.

I am finding my happy place -- deep inside me.