Good Karma

I have had constant issues with my phone... like shattering the screen, cracking the camera and breaking the keyboard until I have no choice but to replace the front and/or back.

I replaced the screen a few times spending a chunk of money to just break it again. I got an Otterbox cover in hopes it would solve this issue. Not quite. It was only a back cover so the front was a free for all... A.K.A shattered screen soon to appear.

And it did. Unfortunately.

I was so mad at my Otterbox so I stepped up to an indestructible case. (Oh yeah, big time) But I got annoyed quick. The front screen was not "flush" to the screen and whenever I would press a key the plastic would rise up and it would make it difficult to text fast and a lot of the time I would press down on a certain key and it wouldn't feel or read (I guess how you put it?) what I was trying to type. Talk about exasperating!

So that was quick to go down the drain. I took it off out of exasperation. And then I left it, by mistake, at home in Baltimore and when I got back to Denver I was once again case-less. Now I had the iPhone 4S so in no way was it "special" and I felt since I was only a few months shy of the new upgrade I mine as well hold out.

Bad decision? You tell me.

My phone continues to drop. It's a mix between my hyper energy that is constantly moving too fast and because I am a "walking catastrophe" (as my mother says).

The time comes when I can no longer see my screen and I have to talk to Siri to make calls and text.

It got bad.

Never has Siri been so helpful. And for once I appreciated her and she appreciated me. She would say things like, "My pleasure Dev." "No problem Dev." We were on a name basis (I like to ignore the fact that my name on my phone is set up as Dev.)

I dislike technology/media in general so I was not too concerned about the damage of my phone and I realized I do not need a phone... I will be okay.

Although it was annoying since in this day in age everyone has a phone and I can't go anywhere where someone isn't on their phone and so everyone expects you to respond within minutes... I'm like, "chill."

I leave my phone when I go to yoga or do errands because I do not need that baggage on me. I am busy. I will contact you when I can.

Just think. How many times a day do you look at your phone? When was the last time you stood at the crosswalk or stood in an elevator and just stood there and embraced what was around you? Probably not likely because in this era we instinctively pull out our phones.

Why can't we embrace the moment? Why does our phone act as a shield from real social interaction?

I could go on for hours about this topic and the frustration I feel whenever I am talking to my friend and she is scrolling at her phone on Instagram or Snapchat and I am like, "I am talking to you..."

And sometimes, the worst, when they say, "Did you say something?" "Sorry what did you say?" "What about __?" I would love to take the phone and throw it against the wall.

Point: I am not attached to my phone and I don't need one.

So anyway for the last couple of weeks I have been using my iPad to text (so basically I am still connected to the world) as long I was in wifi. That's not bad at all.

Kiki offered me her brother's old iPhone I could use in the mean time. I was hesitant. I insisted I did not need it especially since I am only three weeks away from an upgrade. But she said it would make the simple things once again easy... like checking the schedule of yoga classes.

I agreed.

After a week of hesitation I made an appointment at Verizon. I have had terrible experience with Verizon, I was not amped on going but I knew Kiki would be happy that I tried and I told myself it would make life easier...

I stroll in on time for my 11:30 appointment and get helped right away. I explain to the guy my situation and tell him I just need my information switched over to this iPhone until my upgrade.

Can't happen. The iPhone is AT&T and I have Verizon. They have different servers and he can't access it or use an AT&T phone. That's understandable but SHOOT. I was like, "Bummer. Do you have any suggestions since I am three weeks shy?" (I was expecting NOTHING!)

He said he could see if he could pull some strings to help me since I am in a "pinch". I was like, "that would be incredible."

Longer story shorter -- He is able to give me an early upgrade... to an iPhone 6! I was in complete gratitude to this awesome guy and I wander over to the phone cases (obviously need one) and pick out a blue Otterbox (front and back case).

I tell him which one I want and he brings it over to the cashier. I casually ask how much it is, because I am simply curious. He was like, "I can give you 25% off today." I was like "No way. Thank you so much." I explain to him how I came in because Kiki encouraged me to switch it over and so I got motivation to try but wasn't expecting anything. His response, "I am glad you tried."

I am like, "ME TOO MAN!!!"

I am super ADHD and I was half listening to him and he mentions something about giving me bluetooth speakers. And I am thinking, "Oh bluetooth..." (I don't know how to use that... or I didn't until now :) ).

So I just brush it off like, "Cool thanks.".. I am thinking they are included as apart of the phone... like a new feature... Oh was I wrong!

I leave the store paying a little less than $250 for a new iPhone 6, a case... and these unknown speakers... I was so happy for this awesome deal.

I could see the screen, I could use it without talking to Siri... it was a beautiful thing. I was feeling great. I told my mom this guy would get great karma for letting me get an earlier upgrade, a discount... etc.

But that's not it! I go about the rest of my day and I get back to my house and my friend Sarah comes over and we are just hanging out. I was like, "Look at this. I got this today at the store... complimentary. They're like, speakers?...with bluetooth?"

Her response: "No way! That's UE BOOM...That's like $200!"

I had no idea what UE BOOM was but now I certainly do... They are awesome speakers that I am currently listening to now...

I went into Verizon to switch my broken iPhone 4S to another iPhone 4 (that was also cracked, but was an upgrade to me) and I left with an early upgrade, an awesome iPhone 6, sweet speakers, and a durable case for a great deal.

I like to think all things come full circle.


Challenge to Change Anything

I am doing a 30/40 challenge - Yoga 30 times in 40 days. I have been avidly going to yoga this year anyway and I think it may just be possible to do accomplish 30 yoga classes in 30 days.

Is that too ambitious of me? Maybe. But why not try it?

So I normally attend Yoga Sculpt classes, which is what I am yoga certified to teach. That is yoga with weights. It goes through a Sun A, Sun B, a Vinyasa flow, balancing series, surrender series, core series, etc. so it looks like a C2 but more intense. It also adds some "cardio bursts" as I like to refer them as, which is when we do burpies, jumping jacks or something to get the heart rate pumping.

In all, the sculpt positions offer several variations and modifications. That is another reason I love this class... If I am not feeling full airplane, heck with it, I will stand in Crescent Lunge and do my tricep kickbacks and if my legs are too sore for that I'll go to chair pose... It's still yoga... so it's your practice your body!

Anyway, it's not the typical yoga class but I enjoy it because it is a workout that hits every muscle group throughout the practice which is done in a heated studio about 92-96 degrees. Sometimes it can feel much warmer when the humidity is up!

But by the end of class I am dripping sweat, and that is what I like. I feel like this is a class I can go to for an hour and then feel accomplished for the day.

Sculpt can be hard on your body if you go everyday, like anything you do in over excess. My abuela (my grandmother) says you can eat whatever you want as long as it's in moderation. That is the key. So like eating, it's important to stay moderate in all aspects of life.

It is day nine in the challenge. I am nine classes for nine days.

Since I am going to India (for a yoga seminar/retreat/certification) in TWO months I feel like I need to get my yogi expertise down and not focus on the sculpt classes. So I made a deal with myself, in order to take care of my body, I will attend 4-5 sculpt class a week and the rest will be regular hot yoga classes like a C2 (Vinyasa flow) or a Hot Power Fusion. These specific class names come from the studio I belong to, Corepower.

I have been attending the 7:15 or 7:30 AM sculpt classes three times a week. Yesterday I slept in and went to a C2 class at noon and felt I should get my day going this morning. So I glanced over the scheduled and saw a 7:15 at COBO (the studio a mile from my house). I did not think twice if it was a sculpt or not because I saw one of my favorite sculpt instructors was teaching that class, so I assumed it was a sculpt.

I get there this morning, sign in, place my mat down. I go to the closet to grab my weights, feeling extra ambitious today since I didn't do sculpt yesterday I grab 5 lb. weights (I usually just stick with 4 lb., no need to get too buff, just sculpt-y).

I have a tendency to never look around the studio at other people.

1. I don't want people looking at me.
2. I find it weird when I catch someone's eyes looking at me.
3. This is my space and nobody else matters.

Point being: I didn't look around the room, at all. I minded my own business and laid there, did a little stretching until the instructor came in.

She sits down on her mat, "Good morning and welcome to C2." I was like wait what...

I then glance around the room to notice that NOBODY has weights by their mat except me. I smile and laugh to myself. This must be a joke!

I never do two C2 classes in a row, I need my sculpt! And I do not wake up at the crack of dawn to get my butt of out of bed for a regular hot yoga class... I get my butt up to sculpt!

Bummer. And a little uncomfortable knowing that the class probably saw me get weights wondering what I was doing...

I was bummed for about a minute and realized maybe my body secretly needs another day of regular yoga and not sculpt. I am trying to deepen my yoga practice anyway right?

I enjoyed the class in general. I love trying inversions and she gave us time to do whatever we wanted. She adjusted me in a few postures to help deepen my poses. It was nice.

The downside about sculpt is that the instructors rarely, if ever, adjust you. Whenever I teach I make it a priority to make sure I adjust every student at least once. I think it creates a comfortable and more relaxing setting for the class. It also enhances the yogis practice, so why not? Plus I love to get adjusted and hope I do in any posture! But it is rare!

Anyway, my morning didn't start out exactly how I planned but nevertheless it was a wonderful way to start my day and remind me how blessed I am to be able to get on my mat everyday.

Challenge for today: do something different, even if it is slightly different in your routine and go forth with a positive attitude. Change it up.

Our bodies and minds tend to dislike change and hold a barrier up before accepting it. How about challenge your body and mind to change something without change having to change you first?

It could be as simple as changing up your workout routine, like I did (accidentally). Despite the fact it was unintentional, it happened for a reason, and I'll accept this reason as a way to change up my day and the challenge to accept this "unwanted" change with a positive attitude.

A peaceful photo I took during the Israeli - Palestinian conflict/war, Operation Protective Edge, less than 70 km (45 miles) from the war zone in Gaza.

Maybe go for a run instead. Maybe go to a coffee shop instead of the library. Maybe change your attitude to smile at something you would not normally smile at!

Let me give you a random example, that made me realize I am growing into a better person with every new day.

I was driving home and I was not in a rush. But if you know me, I drive with a purpose. Two lanes were changing into one. I was in the merging lane and I have been on this street dozens of times, it's a 35 MPH speed limit and the car in front of me merged to the left so I assumed, as driving manners would, that I would merge after the car behind him.

That was not the case.

This car was straight up rude. She completely cut me off and I had to break and let her go in front of me. Now if you do not pass someone on this particular street it's not like you won't get a chance to get in front of them because in about 500 meters it opens back up to a two lane after the light... So why was this girl on such a mission to cut me off?

Oh, I don't know. Early morning? After all it was 8:30 AM. Rough start to the day? Whatever the reason, she was not feeling it.

Back in the day before I was graced by the constant presence of positivity and appreciation I would have beeped at her or thrown my hands up but this time I did not.

This is when I realized maybe my time working to be a more grateful and a more understanding person was working! My reaction: well "American Girl" by Tom Petty was on the radio so that was a bonus. I laughed to myself like, "Damn woman, if you must!" And turned up the radio and jammed to one of my favorites, Tom Petty and the Heartbreakers.

If I reacted the old negative way, I could have easily gotten pretty annoyed and exasperated at the driver killing any positive mood I was in. And naturally having this calm positive reaction made me feel more relaxed and it gave me a laugh! A laugh by myself... those are the best.

I changed the way I reacted. Now I know that this is only one instance but a change is a change. And a change for the better.

Starting with a simple physical change in a routine can help guide your mind and body to an internal change, a change of attitude to the way you treat your body and eventually others.

Change is often frightening but when the mind and body are ready, you feel a sense of accomplishment and gratitude, change is no longer bursting down your door, you are bursting down the door for change of new things and happier days.

As my favorite poet would say, "Expose yourself to your deepest fear; after that, fear has no power, and the fear of freedom shrinks and vanishes. Your are free." 


Before You Can Love Anyone You Have to Love Yourself

So I dated this guy for a while, four years and five months until I was free. Not to say I was forced into this relationship because I was not. At one point, I suppose in the beginning he obviously did something to get my attention. Or I should say my naive attention (I was 16).

I can't say when things took a turn or if it was always going downhill and I simply ignored it or what.

I lost who I was. I was no longer, Dev. I was no longer the best friend I aspire to be. I was no longer the adventurous soul I crave to be. I was no longer me.

Instagram-ed over a year ago
 w/ the caption "Not a worry in my soul." 
It was not until I was strong enough to say, "No I can't." "I am done." I had said that hundreds of times during our relationship but it was not until I was truly strong enough to mean it and do it. And trust me the strength to break up, when the bf/gf is 150% against it, is in no way easy. I truly tried to break up for two years before it actually happened. Two full years!

That is a long time of unhappiness... especially when it is right around the corner. And I don't mean the stupid "oh i'm done" I mean I sincerely tried and from that two year mark I was no longer in denial. I accepted the fact that I was an unhappy person.

At one point, a year and a half before we broke up officially, I remember being at the stop light at University and Asbury in the passenger seat with Kiki driving. It was a spring day and I was starring out the window at the Conoco gas station.

Kiki was comforting me like the best of friends do and I was silent. I did not want to exist in this life. I wanted to live. But not in this life because I didn't believe this was living, there was so much more I could do, this state was not happiness. I told her that I would like someone to hit my head with a rock so I could just disappear from this life for a little while.

Not that I was in this huge depression, just trying to get the point across that all of my energy was sucked out of me and I was beyond exhausted.

It was the hardest thing I have ever had to do in my life. But one of the most rewarding feelings I have ever felt.

That, for me, is a lot to say. Not that I have been through a significant amount but I have endured pain (as we all do) and this was by far the toughest thing I have done.

Once I was able to do that and go through the hell of trying to break up which took two years of built up stress, unhappiness and exhaustion... I was at last the happiest person on earth.

Exploring the ancient lands of Petra, Jordan.
I was able to find who I am again. The adventurous soul who has traveled to six countries since.... Yes it was an euphoric experience to feel alive again and free, I FLEW.

Although most of the time in the relationship I was suffocated and unhappy, I grew into who I am today and I would not be me without that relationship.

So first thing first, never regret anything.

For a while I had this hatred inside me, "Why did I let myself loose who I was?" "How could I let him dictate what I did and didn't do?" I regretted and truly believed I waisted four precious years of my life.

It's okay to think about that and wonder, but anything past that, like beating yourself up for it and/or telling yourself you are stupid does nothing but bring you down. Plus, no time is ever waisted, in all situations we grow and become better humans. And that is 110% accurate for me.

Literally & figuratively feeling on top of the world.
I can now, almost two years since the official break up, appreciate the pain I went through because it made me the most independent and grateful person. The "lost" time of suffocation and "lack of freedom" for four and a half years created me into someone I never thought I could be.

Stones of cement were lifted off my shoulders and I was soaring, flying high in the world of independence.

In many ways I was lucky, there was no "grieving" period that apparently people feel after a break up. I don't think I experienced that because during the last two years I was in such a low state of mind that it replaced all possible sad feelings.

And since this breakup, for the longest time I would say, "I don't want to get married." "I don't want a boyfriend." "I will not and do not want to connect with anyone."

Unfortunately I did just that. I avoided all opportunity to find a guy attractive to a point of connection and made sure nothing was more than a fling. I avoided dates at all costs and made excuses, "All guys are dogs." Those negative stigmas... Although I agree that guys are dogs, just not all (:

It was not until recently, I would say about a month ago that I realized that whole phase was my healing process, a way to comfort my "wounds" and damaged perspective.

I never thought I would change my view on the outlook of relationships but oddly I have.

Before I would deny the fact that my mentality and attitude was a healing process.

I realize now that it was and finally I am rounding the finish line on this circle of healing.

When I look back it is incredible to see how much I have grown from this relationship. How much it has shaped me into who I am today.

Instagram-ed over a year ago w/ the caption, "Breathing fresh air"

I would not have had this incredible urge to explore the world.

I would not have reaped the benefits of making it a priority of finding yourself.

I would not be half as strong as I am today.

I would not have enjoyed college like they way I have.

I would not be the "go-to" friend for advice.

I would not be as grateful and happy as I am now.

So I would like to thank my ex for the unhealthy roller-coaster experience we endured.

I hope he has as much happiness as I do and that he finds himself and his independence, like I so gratefully have.

The most valuable thing I have learned is that before you can love anyone you have to love yourself. And that was my driving force behind being able to end things (and the endless support from my friends and my mentor Ms. Julie).

I no longer loved myself and who I was. And now, I can finally say after two years of the single life I not only love myself, but I am ready to open my heart. My heart no longer is scarred, it is thankful for it all.

My soul is ready to feel again.

Smiling every day for my blessed life!
Not saying that I want a boyfriend, because I do not. We are still young! I don't think I will date anyone until I actually think he is legit and a "keeper", hoping we still have some? I will always have some skeptical element, or at least I say now, but I at least have revived hope.

Hope that was once lost and forgotten has somehow pumped back into my heart. And I am willing to accept it with open arms.

I am not sure what inspired me to write this blog but I had this fierce urge to express these thoughts and share what I have to say.

I suppose I would like those who feel unhappy or suffocated to know that there is light at the end of the tunnel and trust me the longer you are with the bf/gf the harder it becomes, but you have to ask yourself, are you strong enough?

Are you strong enough to know there is something better out there?

Are you strong enough to take a leap of faith, a leap off of a cliff in order to find the happiness your soul aches for?

It was a question I battled with for years and until I got to the point of exhaustion, desire to find myself again and inspiration from my friends to do what I wanted, to not let anyone hold me back...

I did not leap. I jumped.

I jumped off this cliff; flying, screaming at the top of my lungs. My arms out wide ready to accept all things, not scared. Letting my life fall into the palms of faith.

A jump of faith.

An euphoric feeling, I can't explain.

The happiness I feel, cannot be explained.


If you can breathe, you can do yoga

Many people say they can’t do yoga because “they aren’t flexible” or “it’s not for them”.

That is false.

Anyone can do yoga! And the benefits of practicing yoga should make anyone want to give it a try!

All you have to do is focus on you and you will reap the benefits of this healthily practice.

Let’s do a quick run down of five amazing benefits this practice will give to your body!

  1. Breath

    • As I already mentioned breath is key. But it brings incredible benefits to your practice. Let me explain, yoga promotes an ujjayi breath, deep inhales through the nose and deep exhales through the nose creating internal heat filtering and humidifying the air removing pollen and dirt. In a study done by the Yoga Health Foundation they discovered that yoga breathing significantly improves pulmonary functions in patients with bronchial asthma. Also focusing on your breath encourages relaxation in your body decreasing blood pressure and increasing blood flow to the intestines and reproductive organs.

  2. Increase flexibility, Muscle Tone and Strength

    • As much as you may dislike stretching or not care about flexibility it is actually a positive thing for your body because your inflexible muscles and connective tissues can cause poor posture. As for the muscle strength and tone well this protects us from arthritis and back pain… not to mention the external benefits of having some toned muscles!

  3. Improved energy and vitality… makes you happy!

    • Sometimes I come to yoga exhausted and drag myself onto the mat. We all have those days, but I know that once I finish my practice I will be happy I made it to the mat. Why? Yoga releases toxins and significantly increases serotonin levels, which improves your mood. Dr. Davidson at the University of Wisconsin found that the left prefrontal cortex heightens activity in meditators, a finding that has been correlated with greater levels of happiness and better immune function.

  4. Eases Pain and Lowers Blood Sugar

    • Yoga studies have proved that people with back pain, arthritis, and other chronic conditions felt less pain after practicing yoga, which leads to less medication and a happier you! Further, Yoga has been found to improve sensitivity to the effects of insulin and lower the LDL cholesterol while boosting the HDL cholesterol. Getting the blood sugar down decreases the risk of heart attack, kidney failure, and blindness. 

  5. Your Heart

    • Your heart is the most important part of the body and yoga happens to sustain a healthy heart. According to research in the International Journal of Medical Engineering and Informatics heart rate variability, a sign of a healthy heart, has been shown to be higher in yoga practitioners than in non-practitioners. Yoga boosts levels of hemoglobin and red blood cells, which carry oxygen to the tissues. This also thins the blood by making platelets less sticky. The result? Decrease in heart attacks. And Researchers at Emory University School of Medicine in Atlanta measured the effects on an eight – week yoga regime on heart failure patients found the yoga routine improved exercise tolerance and quality of life. 

These are only a few of the many benefits of yoga; give thanks to your body for being able to do what it does everyday with some well deserved yoga.


Something To Be Proud Of

Taking 19 course credits while hosting a weekly radio show, coaching lacrosse, teaching yoga, and writing for RootsRated, I was not sure how I was going to manage. At the University of Denver a typical full time student will take between 12-16 credits. Anything more than 18 credits must be approved by the university.

After getting my heavy course load approved by the registrar there was no turning back and I was stressed. However I managed to have four friends visit me, attend yoga at least four times a week, get to the slopes 15 times spending two full weekends in Vail, road trip to Mount Rushmore for a weekend, camp at the Rocky Mountain National Park (during the first half of finals week)...

And stay sane.


Well, time management. I tend to be more productive the more I have on my plate. I think it is because I have no choice but to get things done, a rigid to-do-list. And I tend to feel I do better with crunch time. Weird, I know.

But let me tell you how I managed to continue coaching, teaching, and writing while receiving four A's and one B. And let me tell you, the courses I were taking were not a joke, all higher level courses, 3000 level. I was taking Digital Design and Editing, Media Ethics, Business Capstone (to complete business minor), an internship, and Media Law. And I was able to stay as the #1 show on KDXU radio, (Thank you for all who tune in! Check out my radio show on Tuesday evenings 8:00 MTN! Stream here

I am not bragging, well maybe a little, I am simply proud and actually quite impressed with myself! And if I can do it, for sure you can!

Step 1: Get a planner

This was advice from my mother, after I called her stressing, and it was the best advice. (Thanks mother!)

I invested in a daily planner and wrote down EVERYTHING I needed to do that day and wrote in Saturday's column: "goals" and jotted down the things to complete by the end of the week.

May sound stupid, but I promise it kept me sane! I would write every little task down from stopping at the bank, to writing assignments, to reading chapters, to emailing my boss, to creating a radio playlist etc.

After you finished the task it is a wonderful feeling when you get to cross it out! And if you can make your end of the week goals attainable your weekends will feel that much better.

Step 2: Know your schedule/deadlines and prepare.  

It's important to have an idea of what and when assignments are due and comparing them to your other courses. It is important to be aware of your busiest and lightest weeks.

Once you have an idea of the assignments due and what your schedule looks like that week, you will be able to discover when to complete them in order to balance out the load.

Let me give you an example, week one of courses is pretty much syllabus week so get started! There is no time to waist.

Since DU is the on the quarter system there are 10 weeks in a quarter, 5 week is midterm week, it goes by fast.

My friend from Spain was the first visitor, Elena. She was coming for a week, Tuesday - Sunday of week 8. Then my friend Sam was visiting week 9 from the following Monday after Elena until my best friend Valentina was visiting that Friday end of week 9 through FINALS week, week 10. She left on Saturday and then my sister came to visit that following Monday for spring break. So how did I manage to get through those last four weeks doing all of the above, showing them a good time, and get all As and one B?

I still question it, but then I think no Dev, you did a good job managing time.

So I reviewed my deadlines for all my courses and started preparing. I knew the end of the quarter would be insane with the guests. And also the fact that all these visitors (except my sister) have never been to Colorado before and wanted to see everything they could. And how could I not show them it all? Elena coming from Spain! And the others from the East Coast, I had do it.

Oh, and don't let me forget to mention that I only missed ONE class for EACH course the WHOLE quarter...

So anyway preparing... Week one and week two I acted like it was finals week and started doing assignments that were not due until the end of the quarter.

For example for my ethics course I needed to complete three papers about an ethical issue in the news today. They were due throughout the quarter, I finished them by week 4. I know you may be thinking that the syllabus changes and you don't know what the teacher is looking for, that's totally fine, I understand.

I waited to get the first paper back before attempting the other two and once I saw I did well I based the others off of the first. And if you have questions, ask! It shows the professor you are ahead of schedule and keeping on top of your class, which you are.

And so anyway, our schedule changed and no longer was the last paper due! I was bummed. But I thought, it can't hurt to ask. So I sent an email with the paper attached telling him I already completed the last paper and if he was interested in reading it I would appreciate it... I got extra credit! (Not too bad for staying on top of it, huh?)

I understand not all things can be done in advance like group presentations/projects which I had three to do. And so I realized not everyone wants to get a chunk done well in advance, but I did what I could do on my own!

For example, with the group projects for two of them, we had the rubric early in the quarter, and I took initiative and divided up the parts. I went ahead and created a Google doc for each group and started doing my sections early. When time came for the project to be done I would say, "I finished mine (at this point a few weeks ago) let me know if you would like me to edit or help out."

Now, I get frustrated when I am going to put the final piece together and the other members take forever to get there parts in. So when that is the case I say, "If you guys have your parts finalized two days before it is due I will be happy to finalize and put it together, but if you can't do that then how about one of you finalize it?" Usually that works, it did for me.

Point of this step, make a schedule of when and what you're going to accomplish by basing it off of your syllabi, work and social schedule.

Which brings me to the next step...

Step 3: Don't forget about YOU (and your social life)

One might say they can't have a social life or do anything else is wrong. Or simply they can't time manage. Trust me, you need this step.

And if that is hanging out with friends, reading, hiking, or going to yoga it can be done.

We must remember, no matter how jammed our schedule is, that life is short. And if we spend all our energy focused on the "to-do-list" we get lost and so does our happiness and maybe our health.

Despite the fact I had a ton going on I still made sure to go to yoga at least four times a week. My goal would be five to six. I was doing at least four yoga sculpt classes a week and then if I made it to fifth or more I would attend one hot power fusion or another hot yoga class.

Because I am naturally wired with energy a lot of it gets ruffled into stress and really when we have a demanding schedule we can't waist our precious energy on the stress of things to do. So I used my energy toward the necessary things.

I went to yoga almost daily and I made sure to spend at least one to two evenings a week out late with my friends.

This part keeps you sane and reminds you of the beauty of life. That no matter how demanding and intense our schedule, we can find time for ourselves and it is so important that we do because if it wasn't for our bodies and minds in the first place we would not be here.

Be thankful for your health, we are human and social needs are necessary so include that in your planner along with everything else!

Step 4: Plan in advance

I know that sounds annoying for me to say being one that strives to live my life in the present BUT when it comes to a heavy load you must plan ahead. It makes life in the present much more enjoyable.

Another example, since I could not spend every minute entertaining my guests and would need time for the library, I made them a list of things to do while they were on their own. So one evening when I was getting my social time in watching TV with my other best friend, Kiki, and was too tired to do work I made a list of things to do while I was gone.

I made a list of breweries around the Denver area they could visit with directions, the hours, the cost, etc. I made another list of top museums around Denver with the same information. And if my car was not available I printed out all the light rail trains that take you from DU to downtown. I highlighted the routes Northbound and Southbound and walking directions to the light rail. And just in case they wanted to go for a run or check out the amazing parks in walking distance to my house I gave them directions to two parks around me. So with all that, I also made personal maps on Google Maps with icons of my house, the light rail stop, the path to take, the parks etc.

I also wrote down all the local places to grab breakfast/lunch when I was in class and directions how to get there. Then I would not be bothered when I was busy getting work done, brilliant!

And for my Spanish friend I made a calendar of what to do each day. Although I was still going to classes, teaching yoga, broadcasting the radio, etc. I was able to take her to the mountains, to Red Rocks, to a lacrosse game, out around DU etc. I had it planned to a T as some would say.

More or less they became useful and I showed them to all my friends that came to town. I was planning their arrival and what they would do when I could not be there!

I did my best.

And what a relief it was when I could FINALLY be alone. If you know me, I enjoy my time alone more than anyone else. I enjoy sitting in silence and simply being alone. So that was amazing and I am quite impressed that I stayed sane with so many visitors. Not to mention my other activities going on.

Step 5: Be proud, confident and motivated

No matter what, every task we take on in life is a challenge. And even if you have an easier work load than before, it is not easy. From the wise words of my mother, "There is always something." And "Nothing is simple". It's true.

Unfortunately or fortunately there is always something. It is the way this life is and we need to be proud of all our accomplishments and be confident in ourselves and in what we can accomplish.

If I started the quarter not believing in myself and not having confidence that I could finish this quarter strong, I wound't have.

If I set my standards to finish the quarter with C's, that is selfish. Set your standards with confidence and be motivated to be the best you can be and do the best you can.

It is selfish to not be motivated or confident in your abilities because you are not letting yourself be the best human you can and you are selfishly hiding your capabilities from the world and how can you be proud of yourself when you know if you did a little more or pushed a little harder you would have truly earned your success to the fullest?

I do my best to be the best I can be. I do not compare myself to others nor fight to be the best. I fight within myself to be the best to which I am capable of. And I am not close to being the best at anything but I am confident, proud and motivated to be who I am because I know I put all my efforts in to the fullest with positive energy at each challenge that comes my way.