A Weekend for the Books

Wow. I don't know where to start because my trip back east was completed to the fullest. I could not have asked for a better weekend.

I arrived to BWI a little past midnight on Saturday. I had a feast of desserts waiting for me at home and I slept like a baby... there is nothing like sleeping in your own bed at home. I slept in, enjoying every moment and by afternoon I headed down to Virginia to see my most beloved band, Dave Matthews Band. (If you don't know them, I encourage checking them out).

A good friend of mine from DU is currently in graduate school in D.C. so on the way to the venue I picked her up and we headed to the venue at Jiffy Lube Live.

Once again, timing. We had fabulous timing. We arrived at 3:26 PM... the lots opened at 3:30 PM... and we had no idea.

I took one U-y and that took us to 3:30 PM. We were one of the first cars to enter the lot. Not bad, ay?

We set up our lawn chairs, appetizers and my nifty UE Boom speakers came in handy and we blasted some DMB. Time flew by, and before we knew it, it was time to head into the concert.

I always get lawn seats at these events. One, I am a college student on a college budget. Two, when you're in the lawn you can roam around and find friends... no assigned seating. Three, the grass is a great spot to put down the blanket and relax. And that is exactly what we did.

They did not have an opening band so it was Dave and the boys all night. I was a happy HAPPY camper. They got on at 6:30, took a set break and jammed all night.

They played some amazing oldies: Oh, Dirt Hill, Two Step, Where Are You Going, Song that Jane Likes, Recently, What Would, Big Eyed Fish, Lie in, Crush, Corn Bread, Don't Drink the Water, Granny, Halloween, Ants Marching....... HOW INCREDIBLE IS THAT?

I am HUGE fan of the oldies.

And then he played some newbies: Snow Outside, Belly Belly, If Only, Be You

If you know Dave or heard any of his live music versions he'll talk in between like "thanks yawl thank yawl very very much..." or something and I just FREAK out. Because I hear it all the time on the live versions on my CDS (wait, are CDS even a thing anymore?)

But my point - it makes me so happy when I am jamming in the car and I hear him talk and then hear the crowd roar, it makes me feel like I am there... and on Saturday... I was there.

It's hard to explain how happy his music makes me feel! I think music is important to include in life.

Anyway, after the concert we zipped out of there and I zipped home. I got a little lost, but that is not out of the ordinary. I always get lost... and I can't say I am happy about it but I can say I am not surprised...

I got home super early Sunday morning but I got sufficient rest and I woke up Sunday to head to the big day... Jordan's wedding! I have never been to a wedding as an "adult" so this was my first one and the first of our friends to get hitched. And not to some guy, but to a Naval Academy stud... Nice work Jordan.
Outside the chapel where Jordan & Trip tied the knot.
It was a fun time. Jordan looked beautiful, I loved her dress and Trip (the husband) wasn't too shabby. The wedding was held at the Chapel and the reception was in Annapolis across from the hotel we were staying at... A great location.

Two of my good friends were in the wedding, in fact Morgan was the maid of honor! It was exciting.

As far as we remember we had a blast.

The evening quickly turned into morning as we celebrated the two and I did not take into account my plans for the following day.

But I rallied come morning. I hopped in the shower and booked it to the DU mens lacrosse game. The game was up in Philly at Lincoln Financial Field. As most of you know, I am an aggressive driver on a mission but this Monday I was on a serious mission and no one wanted to get in my way.

I made it with a little traffic, but just in time for the start of the game.

Unfortunately, I will admit, I missed the Denver tailgate because by the time I parked, got a ticket, and found my seat... I would cut it too close to the start. And I did not want to miss a minute of this historical game.

Tickets online were around $70 not including tax. I even called DU's box office but they were no help in getting me a student discounted ticket so I figured I would scalp a ticket.

I did just that for $45. Not bad! In my opinion, it worth was it. And the ticket was in the DU section... Incredible!

I met up with my good friend Rachael, also a DU senior (and women's laxer), who was home for the weekend and drove from Long Island to catch the game. (True fans... we are).

We watched the first quarter in her seats then drifted over to the Denver section (116-117). When I was watching from the other side of the stadium it made me want to go to the DU section at that moment. We were cheering and chanting "DENVER!" "PIOS!" "Defense!" And we could hear it from the other side of the stadium. I was pumped and I am sure the players felt the love from the fans.

To be honest, the Maryland fans were slacking with the cheering considering more fans from MD were there (because of distance obviously) yet DU showed their pride as if we were back at DU.

Although we are a relatively small school, our school spirit is awesome and it makes me a sincere proud pioneer.

In the DU section I saw some DU alum that I knew and it was amazing to reconnect with them and see how much DU means to them in college or not! I hope we will forever have the DU spirit we do today.

As a spectator... DU dominated most of the game, if not the whole time. They play so smooth, it is fun to watch them. And it makes me happy that I know some of the guys on the field and know what good guys they are at heart.

They deserved this more than any other team and they earned every bit of this journey they have been on. Especially for the seniors, they have been so close every year they have been at DU and finally their last game as a team, they did it. Congratulations boys. You made us proud!

After the incredible win I headed to my Abuela's (my grandmother's) house. She is the best. Aside from my mother, she is the most intelligent and beautiful woman I know. So no doubt I was going to stop by and say hello since she lives in Philly. She used to be a Spanish professor at University of Pennsylvania and Villa Nova.

Of course, when I arrived a delicious home-made meal of my favorite dishes were prepared. Her famous Spanish rice and her incredible fruit and tuna salads were ready. With a small glass of wine to cheers to my graduation and some chocolate strawberries and snickers (a meal is not complete without chocolate in the world of my Abuela and I).

Conversation did not cease to end and I did not head out until past 7 PM. It was wonderful. And the best part - she is coming out in a week for my graduation! I am a blessed girl.

Luckily I did not hit traffic on the way back and I met my sister and dad for a classic Chilis dinner. And at last I arrived at home a little before 10 PM. What a day!

I was exhausted but grateful for having the opportunity of filling my weekend with wonderful people and fantastic events that I will always remember.
(Lacrosse picture is taken by Rachael, thanks for letting me snag it!)

I was able to spend today running around with my mother... thank goodness she skipped her regular Home Depot stop. She is always there, ever since I was a little girl. As kids we were not waiting outside the hair salon or shopping mall for our mother... we would be waiting outside of Home Depot or Lowes... She is the handy man.

Home Depot offered my mom a job because she knows so much about whatever the heck is in there! She didn't take it... but proves my point.

Anyway, I unpacked my bags of clothes and packed up the few things I would take back to Denver.

And now, I am sitting on the airplane Denver bound. Side note - It is unbelievable how I can get internet on the plane. These electronic things blow my mind. I hope I don't get used to it... but it is convenient. (Once I can connect my phone to my computer I will upload more pictures!)

Well, this was my wonderful nonstop on-the-go fun-filled weekend.

But do not worry my Denver friends, I am rarely low on energy and I am ready to celebrate our last week as DU seniors... so strap on your dancing shoes, Dev's on her way!



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