The Happiest

The longer I am away from my parents the more I realize how important they are to me. I never thought I would call my mom almost everyday to simply ask her what she is doing. And when I don't talk to her for awhile I get antsy.

My mother and I

And so when my mother and my stepdad come in town I tell everyone that I am booked for the weekend. I do as much work as I can before they get here and tell any group project buddies that I am unavailable until my parents leave.

They arrived on Friday and I was the happiest girl in the world.

My sculpture piece
I met them at their hotel and we grabbed an early lunch at one of my favorite places to eat, Native Foods Cafe. It is healthy, filling and delicious. Also conveniently across the street from their hotel. I gave my mother her Mother's Day gift, which I made in my sculpture class.

Photo curtesy of the hostess
They took me, Kiki and her parents out to an amazing dinner at the infamous Elways in Cherry Creek. The best. Except Kiki and I were disappointed because last time they were in town we got the artichoke dip which apparently is no longer on the menu... huge mistake on their part.

We spent over three hours chatting and thankfully our parents like each other almost as much as Kiki and I do.

In fact, tonight they are going over Kiki's parents house to hang out... not sure if Kiki and I got the invite yet.

Anyway, Saturday I went to yoga, met them for breakfast at their hotel which is fantastic and then we went to Cabellas, one of my stepdads' favorite stores. I got a few pairs of running shorts and a nifty jacket I have worn everyday since.

We then went to one of my favorite destinations, Illegal Pete's for some dinner and margaritas. Kiki joined us and we had a feast with our burritos and happy hour chips and queso.

Outside Illegal Petes embracing the snowstorm in May

Sunday came around in a blink of an eye and we did the hotel breakfast and then I took my mother to some Mother's Day yoga! It was quite interesting. I could not stop laughing.

She was making me laugh and I would tell her to be quite because she would make these ridiculous comments like, "You can get fungus without wearing shoes" (because in yoga you take your shoes off outside the studio room) "You can get a virus from all these people's sweat!" (It's hot yoga so everyone is sweating) "What do you mean my breath? How is my breath suppose encourage my neighbor?!" (The yoga instructor was telling us to use our breath...) ... You get the point. I was doing my best to ignore her outrageous comments. And let's remember this is a yoga environment so negativity is not invited! But in all, she did a great job considering this was her first time in yoga and it was a yoga sculpt, so I was impressed.

Anyway Kiki and I then took our parents to the DU Mens Lacrosse game vs. Brown. Thankfully the snow mostly melted and it was a decent day to be outside. The boys came out with a win so they will play this Saturday at the Mile High Stadium in downtown Denver. That will be a fun game! They play Ohio State.

The evening rolled around and we went to see, Woman in Gold at the South Glenn Theatre. We ordered food and enjoyed their "premiere" upstairs before the movie started. Kiki's parents and Kiki once again graced us with their presence and it was a lovely evening. The movie was good, I definitely recommend it.

To finish off the night we got Nova yogurt... not a bad play.

I sent them home with three bags full of clothes to help take the load of moving out in a month less stressful. One bag was full of only shoes! I suppose I am a shoe lover... but thankfully I have that taken care of and I will be home for a wedding in a week and half so that gives me another chance to move some more clothes and goodies back to the 410.

All in all, I had a fabulous weekend.

I wouldn't trade my time with my parents for the world, and I thought I should share how wonderful it is to appreciate all that they do for you.


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