A Goal Fulfilled

40 days. 30 yoga classes. Accomplished.

In fact I did 30 hot yoga classes in 28 days... Yoga everyday and two of the days I doubled up. I must say I am impressed with myself.

In Dev's world there is no time for hung-over days. 

And yes, I still had the nights that turned into early mornings and the regretful dropping-it-low on the dance floor moments. But that did not stop me from me and my goal.

The best part... after class. You literally sweat out everything. It is a detox and for me a detox from all the toxins I drowned myself in the day before. Point being, you instantly feel better after and there will be no chance for a hang - over, if that was in the books.

I attended five sculpt classes a week, which is a high - intensity workout in a heated studio with weights. (I explained it more in a previous post when I started the challenge). The other days I would switch it up to regular yoga, it was a nice blend.

My motivation? Hmm. So many reasons!

1. To prove myself that this was easy peasy lemon squeeze-y
2. Why not... I already go almost every day?
3. I am going to spend a month detoxing in India at a yoga retreat in a few weeks so I should get even more comfortable with the postures.
4. This is a way to thank my body.
5. I know I will feel better after. ... the motivational reasons could be endless.

But that is what got me up for the 7AM class three times a week. As for this week and last week, I have slept in and did the 9:15 classes because I do love to sleep - in I just try to get my day started. Either way for me that is early and no easy task... especially after the longer night, and knowing my classes on Monday/Wednesday do not start until two o'clock and not until noon on Tuesday/Thursday...

Needless to say I accomplished my goal and yes I am still going to yoga consistently. The day after the challenge was completed I did not go to yoga. Instead, I ran at Wash Park. It was quick couple miles, but better than nothing.

I also went to formal over the weekend in Aspen, which was incredibly fun. (I'll talk about that in my next post). And this was the first time I missed yoga for TWO days! I did not go on Saturday or on Sunday. It was like withdrawal...But I think my body deserved the treat. I got back into the swing of things Monday and have gone to a sculpt every day this week.

The drive home from Aspen gave me the inspiration to get back on the mountain. With all the rain Denver has been having, the snow certainly is nice up in the mountains. So this morning I woke up early, went to A Basin, skied opening lift until 12:15 (the snow was great... not icy or crunchy) I then headed back to Denver to make it to my two o'clock class.

It was superb timing, totally worth the trip. And now that class is over... well I am headed to yoga.

Yoga has become apart of my lifestyle and I continue to reap the benefits every day. It is not for everyone but I encourage all of us to find something positive we can keep as part of our daily life, or close to a daily routine.

An apple a day? Working out? Meditating? Reading? Writing about your day?

When I was younger before I went to bed I would tell myself one thing I was grateful for (I would never repeat what it was in the following days) and I would tell the Higher Being to help me appreciate that one thing more and to bless whatever it was onto those who were less fortunate and did have what I was thankful for.

Simply telling yourself something positive everyday can be something that will make life brighter and happier.

Once it becomes engrained in your every day routine, you will feel the benefits and soon not want to ever let it go!

That is certainly how I feel about yoga. And the best part -- I feel wonderful. I feel healthy. I feel strong. ---> And I know if I continue this lifestyle it will only get better.

In all, I am happy. Happy with who I am on the inside to the outside.

All it takes is a little motivation and inspiration.


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