The First International Yoga Day

What a busy day for the day off! No time for sleeping in on a day of celebration. We woke up at 5 and headed to the Dalai llama temple  for his speech commemorating the 80th birthday.

It was intense. Of course I thought I was invincible and I tried to bring in my phone although they repeatedly said no. I got through security but one lady saw my phone hidden in my rain coat hood... Bummer. I had to go to a stand and put my phone there in exchange for a number. A little skeptical about it but I had no choice and got my phone back at the end.

By the time I got in it was packed and finding a seat was near impossible. But don't worry I used my assertive ways and squeezed my tush in between a young Tibetan boy and elderly lady. 

The good thing about this crowd is that they are nice people so it wasn't like trying to squeeze between to New Yorkers.

We only had room for the typical cross legged position. So that wasn't ideal but I managed ... For FOUR hours straight, no joke. I didn't even stand because I didn't want to loose my spot.

I watched the clock on the side of the temple tick four full times around. I don't think I've ever sat for so long doing nothing. No book, no journal, no phone, nothing. A few almonds that I ate way to quick.

They threw out amazing bread, but of course I had to share, but I enjoyed the half piece. It was like pita bread but thicker and tasted sweet. 

Tibetan bread

They also threw out drinks but it didn't reach us. There were a couple thousand people that attended. I was lucky to have snagged a seat on the floor, many were standing behind and couldn't even see the big screens or anything. 

Luckily I could and was able to see the Dalai llama walk in at the entrance. He spoke in Tibetan but it was still a cool experience.

I didn't stay the whole time, I got the jist after four hours. 

After I got lunch and walked around the town side street shopping and around 1700 started the two hour sun salutations in honor of the day! 

It is, International Yoga Day, it is the first official day the world is recognizing it! Also the start of the summer solstice. In honor of the day we do 108 sun salutations which is quite a lot and one time counts when you do both sides.

Here is a summary: 

The surya namaskar (sun salutations) the classical hatha yoga consists of 12 postures on each side. And you move with your breath, inhale to one posture and exhale to the the next. 

Here is the sequence:

Pranamasana (prayer pose or hands at heart center) breathe in and out.

Hasta Utthanasana (raised arm pose) inhale

Padahastasana (hand to foot pose) exhale 

Asha Sarchalanasana (equestrian pose) inhale 

Parvatasana (like downward dog but feet together) exhale 

Ashtanga Namaskar (8 point salute) breath retention 

Bhujangasana (cobra pose) inhale

Parvatasana exhale 

Asha Sanchalanasana inhale 

Padahastasana exhale 

Hasta Utthanasana inhale 

Pranamasana exhale 

Repeat other side and that is one complete surya namaskar!

Today I did 108! It took about two hours. It was quite long I video taped most of it but my phone went to 20% battery and stopped the video ... But I got most of it on the time lapse which is pretty cool. 

(I enjoy watching the background and sky change as the time passed)

Anyway it's been quite a long day and I'm trying to enjoy dinner with some yogi friends! 

Thanks for keeping posted!!


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