Graced with Good Fortune

There is something truly amazing standing over me, accepting my accidents/mistakes, probably shaking it's head at me (with a smile) and helping me up from whatever accident I made this time. 

I know I need to learn to get my "stuff" together but we are all human and one's like me, as my mother would say, are a "a walking catastrophe". Where I am move too fast, unconsciously, and forget where I put things or what I even did. Or knock something over but sometimes my quick reflexes come in handy and I can snatch but in all, I am high energized and sporadic which causes me to, well, not be so put together. 

Anyway, my point to this spiel is I have come to the realization that I am blessed with something / someone taking care of me, and whatever it is thank you and whatever I am doing please let me continue to keep it going because you/it is beyond helpful. 

Let me explain -- so it was a miracle to get my passport in time (previous blog on arriving to India), a miracle to make my original flight with the delay in the visa, a miracle that my iPhone was not stolen when I foolishly left it on the seat at baggage claim, and I have been given yet another miracle, or blessing in my mind.

Long story short I had this terrible landlord and when I arrived to move in there was spider webs coming down and an actual spider infestation, beer stains on the walls, a broken door so anyone could come into the house at anytime, a clogged shower drain... Etc. It was not ideal and the landlord and I did not see eye to eye especially when I called Denver inspection services. 

Anyway so I brought an iron from home to try and tidy up my outfits with a fresh look. I just didn't have an iron stand. So my first go, I iron my shirt on the carpeted floor, unplug the iron, and place it head down (so the heated part pressed against the floor). I left it there for a little bit of time and when I was about to leave I was straightening up my room and I went to pick up the iron and it made a big iron imprint on the carpet! I was like ... Well not saying good things.

So I had to figure out a way to hide it or fix it. 

Spring break goes by and I go to iron another piece of clothing. This time the iron apparently had burnt marks on it so it marked my shirt with a black spot. So I didn't even get to properly iron it but I left the iron standing straight up, unplugged.

Well I was moving too fast and I didn't even realize but I knocked over the iron so it ended up laying flat and I left it there for the night. I came back late and tried to pick up the iron and with force it lifted up.. Literally taking out a chunk of carpet in the shape of an iron. 

The two iron imprints were barely a foot a part.. Incredibly noticeable. 

Times goes by and I am counting on my mother, the handy man and fixer of my issues, to replace the carpet for me. Or at least show me how. 

But time ticks it's way to the end and we didn't get to fixing it. Well, I didn't bother mentioning it because my mother got mad every time since she doesn't understand how I did it multiple times (I also had done it once at our house... Unknowingly ... Although there's a slight chance one of my sisters just blamed me and I believed it). Anyway, it didn't get fixed by the time I got to India.

So we are wrapping up my one year lease at this place with the awful landlord and my mother mentions how it's coming out of my pocket, the replacement of the carpet, and I am like please don't cost too much. 

This is just a couple days ago, and I find out this morning, by the grace of whatever/whoever is standing over me, that the basement was flooded and the carpet was completely destroyed and now they have to replace the whole carpet... And no longer do I have to worry about those darn imprints I made!

How incredible is that? Colorado is not known for floods either, and to happen in the week that I would have to replace the carpet is a miracle.

I am in disbelief at how all these mistakes and accidents I have made have somehow made its way to a wonderful outcome. And I wish I had a lesson or advice for this blog as I try to do with many, but I am not quite sure what to say...

Karma, maybe. Although that's quite a lot of good karma for one person and I am in no means always a good human. Although of course I strive to be, as I'm sure most of us do. 

But I can say, someone/something is taking care of me and lifting me up out of some sticky situations and I couldn't be more appreciative of this gracious soul. 

As for yoga today - well the same routine except today I snagged the neighbors wifi so no need to trek to a wifi cafe! -- another wonderful thing.

I hope you receive and recognize the beauty in something today! 


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