Feeling the routine

Day two. 

I wouldn't say it flew by but it came and went, like days do. 

We started with the morning mediation and we did partner breathing. It was a little odd, but that's because us westerners don't mediate in our daily routine.

We sit cross legged and hold hands with a partner face to face. I first did it with a girl from Hungary. After she told me that I felt so stiff and not relaxed. When really I thought I was doing my best to relax and breathe but I suppose that she could be right because whenever I get a massage they repeatedly have to tell me to relax my body. I was born naturally tense.

Anyway we did it one more time and I was partnered with a woman from Japan. After she asked me if my shoulders hurt because they were not relaxed down... I didn't even notice. In fact, what's most uncomfortable is I get a terrible pain in my right upperback from sitting cross legged too long.. Or something.

And I can't quite figure out from what... So if anyone has any ideas let me know. 

Right now, it's tea break for fifteen minutes, but I'm not much of a tea person so I'm skipping out to write. In ten minutes we have our first asana yoga class of the day. Then the same routine as yesterday, breakfast, philosophy class, lunch, anatomy class, tea break, asana class, dinner... We only have the daily schedule for this week so I wonder if next week will change, I hope it does! We have this exact schedule until Saturday because Sunday is the celebration of the dhali llama so we will wake up before sunrise to hear the man himself speak. And then we will resume our Sunday schedule for Monday since we originally had Monday off. Unfortunately this means no hike on the day off but it'll be a fun experience to celebrate the Dalai llama. 

Interestingly, my legs feel right when I go to touch my toe, I wonder if it is from the constant sitting on my bum or because we did a lot of forward folds or you say, padahastasana. We have to know the yoga terms not just in English so that will be tricky.

We are learning the Surya Namasmar (sun salutations) right now. Hopefully I will get better with the pronunciation and memorization. 

Anyway, the day went by as it does and I got a spurt of energy and went to town with some of the girls and Joey, the only guy in our group. We went to an organic shop and I got some figs, dates and fiber bars... Oh yeah and chocolate bars. But this time to make myself feel better about enduring in chocolates I got dark chocolate this time.

Breakfast for the next month. Some fruit and porridge (obviously I doused it with sugar).

And on the way back, we came to this cafe for some wifi, although it is not ideal.

Anyway, I promise to make my posts more intriguing come the next, I'm adapting to the new schedule and enjoying some social time at the moment so bare with me.


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