The first full day: complete

What a day it has been! It's day one of the full schedule and I feel like I've barely had time to get to writing. I've been itching all day to find time to be here. 

I am skipping "tea break" right now to sneak away to write. There is so much I want to express but I only have so much time.

I woke up at 4 in a panic thinking my alarm didn't go off, and I fell back asleep to arise at 5:30. 

I got dressed and had my first Mantra, Pranayama & Mediation session. This lasted from 6 - 745. It was quite long and sitting in cross legged position isn't exactly the most comfortable.

But apparently with time it'll become easier. We rehearsed some chakras, which I was terrible at and started to fear the time when I have to lead the class in mediation. So I'm hoping I will get better with time and practice.

Pranayama focuses on your breath. Everything is breath. If you can control your breath you can control your life. 

It is an interesting way to look at life and a way that may benefit to do so. 

We talked about our senses and how our body is like a horse carriage. And our senses are the horses that pull our body. The driver is our mind.

The senses can't be the driver because they do not have a mind. Our taste, our touch, our smell... Etc. does not control us, it is our mind.

And if one of our senses becomes unbalanced our body falls apart. If you do not eat you go hungry and then grumpy... If you over indulge in food you become lazy and our bodies become unbalanced.

So it is key to keep all of ours senses in line and balanced so our mind can function to the fullest. 

Your mind is stronger than you. 

All of our senses our under control when our mind is strong.

We worked on breathing and having our mind completely in the present and not thinking about anything. 

For me, that was quite impossible -- my mind rattled with ideas so random they connected by the slightest relation and then back to the present moment of how my butt ached from sitting so long and if it would be inappropriate to move and what am I going to say when Dr. Sushil (our teacher) asks me what I thought about. I then would go on tangents thinking about how in the 50s China massacred Tibet and how Dharamsala is now where many Tibetans reside and how this now the place where the dalaia lama stays.... Etc.

I assume my mind will calm down since I have 29 more days of this. But this morning was the most interesting. 

After mediation came Asana practice at 745. Asana is the postures of yoga so basically a yoga practice us westerners are use to. 

After that, it was 930 and that meant BREAKFAST! Thank god! I was starving (although in between mediation and asana I ate a bar of chocolate) 

After breakfast at 1030 we had philosophy class. It was an extension of the early teachings in mediation and went deeper to explain the levels of yoga and it is quite intense. I had no idea the extent of what a yogi is, currently I am at level 3. If you get to 5 you no longer connect with the world and apparently live in the woods alone... My goal is to master level 3 and I will be just fine.

Anyway, that went for two hours and all of our seated activities are on the floor so my butt was sore and it was a long two hours.

Which wrapped up at 12:30 and then we had lunch until anatomy class at 14:00. 

It was alright, I feel like it's been a lot of sitting but I suppose I am use to running around all the time it is a good thing. 

Anatomy finished its course at 1530 and then now, tea time, until 1600. At 1600 we have our last yoga class of the day for two hours, another asana. 

Then at last 1830 is dinner. And by the time I post this it will be around 2000 after I have had dinner, showered and made it a mile to wifi... 

And so I did! Here I am, after my last asana class I was so fidgety from sitting all day I did some cardio in my room then showered and did the list above. 

Well it's an adventure so far, I'll be up mediating at 6 if anyone's interested! 


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