The Tail End of Summer

Well the jet lag has certainly got to me as it is almost 5:00 on the East Coast. I got back from a long day of traveling and landed in EST at 1400, I was so exhausted I passed out when I got home to wake up around 2230. And unfortunately I have not been able to sleep since, so what to do? Well... blog.

My summer has been a go - go - go mentality, and I have no complaints about it. So to finish off this summer of travel I stopped in Maui for a week to visit my best friend from college who has been staying there for most of her summer.

It was incredible - the places we explored are indescribable. (I was lucky enough to see all the local spots since Kiki's cousin is from there). We had waterfalls and pools to ourselves, it was awesome.

The beauty of Hawaii is truly breathtaking, in fact out of all the places I have in the world, this is at the top, a very close to first. I have a sweet spot for the beautiful land of Colorado, but besides that Hawaii beats out New Zealand, Fiji, Switzerland and all the other beautiful parts of the world I have seen.

I am not going to go on and brag about how amazing my trip was but I am going to share a few things that I thought about during my stay on the Island of Maui.

The only reason I brought my laptop with me was so that I could spend the long flights writing. I was not planning on using it for any other purpose but when I get there mid way through my trip I decided to turn it on to check out my resume -- and my computer would not turn on.

The hard drive was making noise, so that was a good sign, but the screen would not light up nor would the keyboard respond - bad sign.

I took it to the Mac store but they said my computer was pretty much toast. Now, that is a bummer considering I spent seven hours vigorously writing a new chapter for my book and have my edited resumes that have not been saved to a USB yet.

So this late night or early morning, I have spent re-writing my resume on my mother's computer and counting down the hours to when the Mac store opens in town, so I can see if they can get my files saved on a USB.

I have hope but I will admit that I would be devastated if my work was not saved, so I am hoping that something can be done.

That is just a side not as I continue to ramble, but as I say, things happen and you can give yourself the 24-hour rule, 24-hours to feel bad for yourself then you move on. Kiki's Aunt T taught us that rule over the week and it is an amazing rule to stand by. So I had a little depression for a few moments when I discovered that my computer was toast and that I would not have anything to do on the plane... and although it took me less than the day to recover, with bigger situations you may need the full 24 hours. But after that, move on. No time for pouting, life is life, and life is a challenge you can either accept or let it get the best of you.

And after all this traveling I have come to the conclusion,

We are a puzzle. A puzzle pieced together by what we choose to be, what we choose to make of ourselves. Pieces that are discovered in everything we do - experiences, events, adventures. And the pieces we choose to put in our puzzle tell us more of who we are. And sometimes discovering the smallest piece to our puzzle, the smallest piece of us, is all we need.

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