Cheers to the New Year!

It is crazy to think another year is done and it is 2015! This new year is the ending to a four year chapter of my life and an opening to a new chapter of unknown events.

I was asked today what was my New Years resolution. I had to stop and think. I have never made a resolution and taken it seriously. The span of a year does seem like a long time... but then I am just contradicting myself when I say how fast time passes. So I am deciding to have a resolution and stick with until 2016!

I have always journaled in a notebook varying how often I write, but I have not been consistent and never have I journaled on a computer. I like the authenticity of a journal in hand, but my New Year's resolution is to write a blog once a week. That is totally do-able. Even if the blog is short - this is a reasonable goal and will keep this new blog I made up-to-date.

I enjoy writing but I get extremely ADD and find myself distracted doing other things. This resolution can help me focus and be an outlet to expressing what is going on in my crazy high-energized mind.

My advice for the New Year: to surround yourself with those who inspire, motivate, and love. And of course keep traveling!


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