Mount Falcon Park

Mount Falcon Park rests on the Front Range offering panoramic views of Denver, Red Rocks Amphitheater, Mount Evans and more. It is a convenient quick drive from Denver making it a ‘must do’ park. No matter your style Mount Falcon will accommodate your hiking, horseback riding, biking and/or picnicking desires with a little bit of history.
What Makes it Great
Are you a history buff? If so, you are in for a special treat and if not, a history lesson cannot hurt! Throughout the spacious park, offering 11.2 miles of trails, two trail heads one on the east side and one on the west side, friendly to hikers, horseback riders, bikers and runners, historical landmarks rest in the park making your adventure even more entertaining.
Less than a mile from the west parking lot is an Eagle Eye Shelter, once a summer cabin, now a picnic pavilion and beautiful view of Indian Hills and Mount Evans. If you are an avid adventurer or taking it easy for the day, this view is less than a mile, so not to fret. This is one spot to check out and bring the family.
The history is just getting started: the fire tower, located on the Tower Trail, is a must see as it gives you the view of Red Rocks Amphitheater and the Denver skyline. The fire tower is a brisk hike from the west parking lot; just follow the signs to Tower Trail.
Are you just a history buff and slacking in fitness? Not to worry, many visitors walk this easy trail and it is well worth it.
Next is Walker Home Ruins, a breathtaking view considering the history behind it. A wealthy businessman and visionary John Brisben Walker bought 4,000 acres and built a mansion here, unfortunately a fire destroyed the home in the 1900s. Only the fireplaces, windows and walls stand today. This is a nice resting point on the trail.
On Walker’s Dream Trail, the last part of history is the site of the Summer White House. Walker dreamed to build the house for the president. Despite that his dream never came true remains remind us of his envision.
In 1927 the city of Denver bought the land from Walker and created Mount Falcon Park as well as Red Rocks Amphitheater. Walker is credited for hosting concerts in the early 1900s on a platform at Red Rocks. Cool history right? The tradition of concerts is still alive today at Red Rocks.
Well, this park and your adventure will be just as cool as the history. If this history lesson intrigues you the trails offer guided signs giving more insight to Walker and the history behind the park.
What trail will you love?
There are a total of nine different trails each leading you to a different destination. Mount Falcon forest covers 2,248 acres of the park. If you are trying to work a sweat, Castle Trail (3.8 miles), is a steep but rewarding trail run from the west parking lot. But if you are calling for a leisurely stroll feel free to walk this beautiful trail or take one of the shorter trails. Walker’s Dream trail (.3 miles), Meadow trail (.8 miles), Tower Trail (.6 miles), Two-Dog Rail (.3 miles), Parmalee (2 miles) all junction with Castle Trail, do not hesitate to wander to the other trails, they are all worth the exploration.
If you do not want to be bothered by bikers or horseback riders, Turkey Trot trail (1.7 miles) is a hiker only trail and you can access it from the east parking lot. Old Ute Trail (.5 miles) junctions with Meadow Trail and is a scenic forested loop. Devil’s Elbow Trail (1.1 miles) is a forested trail that actually enters Denver Mountain Park and loops back to junction with Old Ute Trail. If you are looking to spend your whole day hiking why not try them all?

Amenities, Parking and Regulations
This park is your answer to a quick getaway destination! A short and accessible drive from Denver, the park is located in Morrison. There are no parking fees and parking lots are located on the east and west. The west parking lot is located at 21004 Mount Falcon Road, Indian Hills CO 80454. The east parking lot is located at 3852 Vine Street, Morrison CO 80465. Each parking lot offers a map of all the trails accommodating your adventure. There are also restrooms, several picnic tables, water fountains and areas to relax with nature. Trails open at sunrise and close at dark so if you plan for a long day of exploring make sure to get there early to get the most out of your day.
The best time to go is anytime through May until November, you will enjoy either the flowers of spring, the summer heat or the fall colors. Many trails are open to bikers and horseback riders and all trails require a leash on your dog. The great thing about this park is it gives hikers the option to explore the whole park in a day worth of trekking.
Who will Love it
No matter what trail you do there are several to choose from depending on your mood for the day! A brisk walk, trail run, horseback ride, dog walk (with a leash!), bike ride or even a picnic, Mount Falcon Park can cater to your outdoor desires. And if you explore long enough, there are boulder opportunities throughout the park.

Bring a snack, maybe a friend, chill out and enjoy the beauty of nature at Mount Falcon Park.


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