Vail Mountain is one of the largest ski resorts in the world. Although it may be an upscale resort with new infrastructure and luxurious homes we wish we could live in, the 5,200 acres of skiable terrain will take you away from all the fancy glamour.

In fact you will be spoiled by the seven back bowls ranging over seven miles to explore.  Let temptation get the best of you and head over to the back bowls to discover some fresh powder. 

Anywhere in the Outer Mongolia bowl is highly recommended. In order to get there you will have to take the T-bar and if you are feeling extremely ambitious you can hike deeper into the bowls.

Another great area to ski is chair 21 in the China bowl. The fastest way to access is the backside is through Golden Peak.

The backside is the best place to not only get the adventure you’re looking for but it takes you away from the world. Majority of the skiers stay on the front side, which offers amazing trails, but when you head over the back side you feel alone with nature. It is like the mountain is to yourself -- what better feeling than that?

Some great trails for mediocre - advanced level skiers are Lodgepole, Ouzo Glade, Steep n Deep, North Star and The Slot. If you are a beginner brave enough to ski Vail stay on the front side of the mountain. At the top of every peak there is a green/circle trail to the bottom, but stick to the bunny hill until you feel confident because Vail trails tailor to more advanced skiers, but don’t let that stop you!

For those who are into the park Vail offers three terrain parks, Bwana, Golden Peak and Pride with one superpipe and one halfpipe.

If you are trying to avoid the overpriced food and the crowded lodge scene head over to the patrol headquarters. There is an outside deck to sit and picnic. Think you might be cold? You’d be surprised how close you are to the sun and with 300 days of sunshine there is a good chance you are in luck.

After a solid day on the mountain the best places to kick back enjoy a beer and reminiscence on your Vail adventure are at either Red Lion or Garfunkels. Gondola one will take you to Red Lion and Eagle Bahn Gondola will take you to Garfunkels.


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