Neighborhood dinner

Kiki's resolution: to become better friends with all our neighbors.

As a senior, a piece of advice I have for you: Reach out. Grow your tree, create more branches to climb, and get out of your comfort zone. 

And so that is what Kiki and I are trying to do with the last few weeks of college left.  

Step 1: Neighbor dinner. 

Head count? An extremely random bunch: four frat boys, two rugby players, a lacrosse player, a swimmer, a yoga instructor... neighbors. 

The boys cooked the chicken and rice, and the girls took care of the dessert and appetizers. 

The table was set, wine glasses in hand and a toast to being neighbors.

The salad was passed around along with the egg rolls and the bruschetta Sarah was able to snag from the Hospitality kitchen. 

The altitude was not working in our favor and the rice was taking longer to cook than planned. So we enjoyed the appetizers and fortunately there was no ice to break with constant conversation that never ceased to end. 

Some would think, with such a random bunch where our paths rarely cross in our daily lives, it would be an awkward gathering. 

The exact opposite. The conversation was flowing and the laughter was contagious. 

We soon finished five bottles of wine mixing between red and white laughing at the most ridiculous stories. 

We went around the table sharing our most embarrassing/hilarious past time of college. 

There were some great laughs. And at some points the story teller of the moment could not stop laughing and would have to take a few calming breathes to finish the story. 

Dinner turned into an eight hour affair. From dinner came the dessert which lead to fresh air outside on the porch. 

We screwed open a few more wine bottles, listened to some great music of my choice which made me an extremely happy camper and continued to share stories.

The sun was set and the wind chilled our bones, we wrapped ourselves in blankets and scooted our chairs together making a tiny circle. 

As the good ole saying goes, "time flies when you're having fun", certainly that was true when midnight rolled around and somehow we decided to watch a movie in the basement. 

On a two person couch four of us snuggled like sardines. The rest of us scattered around the floor and watched "The Hitch". 

Ten minutes in snoring accompanies the movie and eyes are shut. We all pass out in a sitting up position, next to a neighbor. 

I woke up at four on the beanbag chair and made my way to my room, and everyone smushed on the couch do not stir. 

What an evening. 

From the wise words of Charlie, "Life is a tree with many branches to explore." Or something along those lines... 

See you at dinner next Sunday!


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