Thoughts on Life

As a twenty – two year old, I have a lot to learn. But so far, I have discovered some important points to live by:

1. Never underestimate the beauty of life. You are blessed in all situations.

2. If you question anything with doubt, it typically equates to something you do not truly want. 

For example, questioning your relationship with your boyfriend. Well if it was everything you wanted why are you questioning it? If you are happy in your relationship, there should be no questions of doubt! 

3. Do what you want now; the longer you wait the less likely you will do it. And later often translates to never, especially if you plan on having kids, well, there goes “your life”.

4. When something doesn’t go your way, try to think it happened for a reason. 

Like when I got a flat tire on my bike, it was a huge bummer but I wasn’t going to let it ruin my mood. And I thought well maybe if I kept riding my bike a car would have hit me! You just never know!

5. Look on the brightside. No matter how shitty a situation may be and how hard it can be to see the light at the end of the tunnel. Find the positive. It helps the healing and also your everyday prospective on life.

6. Understand the world is not living your life and you are not living others. Realize others may be going through a tougher time than you and may have experienced things you never could imagine. You are blessed and recognizing that everyone comes from somewhere different helps create a world of peace.  

7. Nothing is wrong with spur of the moment; life is not planned so learn to accept spontaneous actions!


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