Around the Bend

The end count down to becoming officially certified as a yoga instructor by Yoga Alliance has arrived! And I couldn't be more excited. 

Although we still have quite some time and I'm enjoying the experience, we're over the hill and riding slowly down to the finish line.

Morgana (in grey pants) and I (in blue top) during a partner yoga workshop.

I completed my first practicum, teaching a thirty minute asana. It went well, my class seemed to enjoy it as I got positive feedback (but who's to give negative in a yoga environment). I focused on back bends in my sequence and I felt awesome teaching! 

Although I have taught before (because I'm certified through Corepower yoga) it was different. This was a true asana class with my new knowledge and a different atmosphere.

I am most apprehensive about leading a meditation class. That is next week. As well as leading one more hour class. 

I am completely over eating at the yoga school and I have been eating out quite a bit, finding some great tourist - approved places to eat. In fact, a lot of Israelis travel here for some reason, so there is a decent amount of Israeli food, which has been to my delight.

And I can't complain about the prices because, for example, this awesome vegetable burrito that I order is $3.00 U.S. Dollars and it's legit. So the prices are awesome but I have done a good amount of shopping so unfortunately running out of rupees (the Indian currency) has already happened. 

They don't take credit cards so that has been a downfall and my reasoning for buying a good amount of gifts is because the prices are good and they'll come in handy in the states and in the states the prices would be way higher, so I am telling myself if the  purchases will come in handy, for a good price, I'll make it happen. 

Anyway, the schedule is lighter although philosophy and meditation are still in the mix, and you know how I feel about that. But we are doing four hours of Asana (postures/practice) yoga! So finally we are really getting into postures and stretching our bodies, instead of having the lecturers more often than asana. So it's nice.

This weekend we do a big detox of our internal organs. We drink this mixture of something that will upset our digestive system so it will clean out everything causing us to run to the bathroom vomiting and out the other end. And to top it off we can only eat kitchari, a mixture of solely two grains, that is easy to digest. We can only eat that for 48 hours. I decided I'm going to do the detox even though I said I was over it in the last blog. 

I have come to this conclusion because this is the only time in my life I will have this opportunity and support to participate in the detox and in this environment.

So we shall see. That is going to be on our "day off" but it's not really off because we will be busy puking and so on. 

Until then I will be treating myself to dessert and bread and all of the above. (Except meat and alcohol because that is not allowed).

Oh and if you were wondering how I am doing with the water and sickness... I am back to myself feeling fantastic and energized to the fullest. And the water, well I've adjusted to using bottles of water to "shower" myself and I am happy when the water turns on for a cold rinse. But it's not often and I've adjusted... We are around the bend!


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