Live With The Heart: My India Chapter is Complete

A teaching from Osho:

"The Latin root word for courage is 'cor' which means heart. To be courageous means to live with the heart. To live in love, trust and to move into the unknown. Living through the heart is to discover meaning"

The experience I have had cannot be put in words.

I came here four days after graduating college, not really thinking what exactly I was getting myself into. It went by like a breeze of fresh air grazing your face. 

This breeze, changed me. It was fresh air from the Indian Himalayan mountains that decided to shine new light and find a way to enlightenment my soul.

It was a drastic change and as much I love change the breeze wasn't always complimenting. I had days where I thought to myself, "do I ever consider what exactly I'm doing before I do it?"

I had come to India on my own and agreed to participate in a yogic lifestyle which required more than I bargained for, but it made me stronger and now I am grateful for the challenge:

No meat
No alcohol
No dairy 
No proper shower (bucket of cold water)
No consistent running water (without water for days, on and off)
No makeup (my decision, and not an easy one! But I must say, I have gotten use to looking at my face without makeup)
No television
No air conditioning 
With the rigorous schedule starting at 6 AM on the dot every morning for 30 days and finishing at 1800 for dinner. (With a break for breakfast tea time and lunch during the day)

I met amazing people who were courageous and strong enough to drop their lives and detach from the world. 

Each and every yogi that accompanied me on this journey is an inspiration and brought new perspectives and knowledge as we came from all over the world: Australia, Japan, Thailand, Slovakia, United Kingdom, Germany, Finland, Russia, Costa Rica, Canada, Hungary, Spain, Chile, Vietnam, Mexico and the United States. (I think that's all)

And despite that we all came from different cultures, we all had one common ground: a passion for yoga and courage to detach from our lives.

In life we get used to our daily lives and get too comfortable, it's natural. But we need to find ways to change it up and switch around what we do. In order to do that we need courage. 

Courage to dip our toes into the fresh water. Courage to open a new door of opportunity and step through to the other side to a breeze of fresh air.

I have become a better human with more understanding and more compassion for the world. 

I see life in a new way of positive light and happiness. I am extremely grateful that I have this courage to find ways to broaden my horizons and explore into the unknown.

My advice: wander and explore into a new adventure. Go out of your comfort zone and find meaning in all that you do. Be adventurous and when you venture into the unknown you learn more about yourself than you ever knew possible. 

This past month has taught me heaps about who I am, what I want, and what I truly need. Osho is right. And when we love, trust, and dive into the unknown we live through our heart and we discover meaning. 

And after this experience I can say,

I am living through my heart discovering meaning.
I am courageous.
I am living in love, trust and moving continuously into the unknown.

My heart is full. 


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