The Last Week Of My Yoga Journey In India

My time is dwindling down here in Dharamsala as the yoga teaching training detox course is finishing it's victory lap. 

It's bittersweet. The more I become accustomed to this schedule and lifestyle the more I am enjoying myself. Especially the acro yoga. One of the girls is a master at it and thinks I'm a great fit for this type of yoga because of my body shape and I'm stoked about it, so she has been teaching me some moves and I will definitely take this practice into my life at home.

So that's incredibly fun and I am trying my best to enjoy this moment but it's hard when I know what's at the finish line -- a fun tourist vacation with my two sisters in Dubai and to cherry top that a Yoga Alliance Teacher certification in the bag. So forgive me it's hard to focus on the now.

But I am, I completed teaching my two asana sequences and only have a meditation to lead tomorrow morning (wish me luck) and a quiz to complete to finish the course. For me, teaching the asana classes were fun, I wasn't nervous and that's because I've taught asana classes before but I am apprehensive about leading a meditation as well as this quiz. If you know me well, you're aware that I can't sit still and so my ADHD had me staring out the window day dreaming, dozing off, or doodling in my notebook so I am not sure how much I truly retained in that class.. But I am not going to worry about it. 

I've been thinking and trying to recap my four weeks here. Have I improved mentally, spiritually, physically, emotionally? What did I learn? How much of this yogic lifestyle will I incorporate in my Westernized life? Have I changed? 

I think mentally I have grown, I am mentally stronger. I have become more independent traveling to the east alone, learning how to adjust and cope with situations better, and having an even more positive outlook on life. And although sometimes my mind wasn't feeling meditation practice my mind became more stable and balanced, forcing my mind to be quiet, something that would have not been possible before.

Spiritually, well obviously I have become more in tune having meditation every morning for the past 28 days at 6:00 in the morning for almost two hours. But my mind has also been exposed to spiritual practices in which I was unaware of like, Reiki. In the end, yes. Before coming to India I was probably 5% spiritual and now I would say 25%. You westerners might disagree and say I am more spiritual than that, but you have yet to meet the gurus over here. 

Physically... I wish! No, realistically I have. I have been more aware of my body and its ability in asana practice and I have challenged my body to do postures I never knew were possible for me. Although I have years to go until I master some! 

Emotionally, I am not really sure how to tackle that one, I think yes I learned to continue to be independent and to feel emotions but to not attach. Because in the end nothing lasts forever. That's emotional right?

I learned a lot. Too much to explain but I am happy for this new knowledge from anatomy, to philosophy, to asana postures, to yin/astanga/hatha/acro yoga sequences, to NLP (nero linguistics programming), to much more. It's been a ride. (I'll have to save some of this enlightenment and blend it into to my book) anyway, point being: a few chapters of interesting knowledge. 

Will I incorporate this yogic lifestyle? To an extent, I will take what I believe will benefit my practice and my life. For example, the niyamas and yamas, social and personal codes, like the basics. 

This is my rational: I have an open mind to hear everyone's opinions and views just like I do when I hear this yogic lifestyle (which stems off of Buddhism and Hinduism religion) but that does not mean I will use it or agree with it. I understand this way of life but I am content and happy with mine. So, I will take what will benefit me. 

Have I changed? With every new adventure I take on my journey of curiosity I change. I become a better human. I see the world in the light of another culture and do my best to be apart of it so I can understand how other people live and with that comes change. New experiences new people new culture .. It's bound to make a lasting impression and it certainly made a mark on me and one I will never forget.

I will have one more final blog in the next coming days to bring this circle round and announce that the victory lap has been completed.

Until then, 

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