Last Supper

It's a rainy day here in Dharamsala and it's playing an active role on my mood. I am not necessarily tired because I would love to go to one of my typical yoga sculpt classes in Colorado or take a run at my parents house (both impossible things here, you can't go for a run in this town because of the culture) but it is that I am tired of the same routine - bored too.

I don't know anyone too well, although it's not my point to mingle, it's nice to have a person there to chat with. And I can't complain because Joey, the closest to my age and closest person to my hometown has been an awesome companion. But it's not like I'm going to blurt out all my thoughts onto his poor soul (I say poor because he has to listen to me), although he has endured the "Devin rants" aka me going on and on about a story the person probably does not really care about, remember where I began, or get the chance to interrupt me... Apologies Joey. 


Three weeks, going on four, without one day to sleep past 5:30, with pretty much an identical daily schedule, it's been more rough than easy. I am not one to wake up at the crack of dawn unless I am going my typical 7:00 yoga sculpt class back in the states. Otherwise I don't see a point in waking up that early. 

And here, we wake up to meditate. I have come to the conclusion it is not my thing and you'll see me in the back of the room with my head bobbing down because I am usually falling asleep since in meditation you have your eyes closed. 

An easy way for someone to doze off who is not serious about meditating. At first I really tried to meditate and all that jazz but it was pointless. I am not "ready" enough to have zero thoughts and quite frankly I don't mind.

I'll be giving a meditation class next week, which requires two mantras and two pranayama exercises, it's at six in the morning so at least I'll be half asleep when giving it... Let's just hope I don't doze off in the middle.

I am happy the weekend is finally here which means the count down is now onto single digits. Except tomorrow I will be doing the throw up detox I have already done, which I sincerely disliked. And then an hour later I will be doing a similar detox with a lemon type drink and then performing asana (yoga practice) until I need to run to the bathroom or vomit. That will be done up to ten times.

After that, we rest all day since our energy will be very low from cleansing everything out of the body. We are eating a very light dinner tonight, we are not allowed to eat out, and that has been my go to the past two weeks since I despise Indian food more and more.

My last meal before the detox.
But it's 72 hours of my life so I am telling myself, easy peeezy lemon squeezey. 

Once we complete the 10 rounds we are only allowed to eat kitchari for the next 48 hours. I explained in my previous blog it's two types of grains, very bland. Unfortunately I can't even sneak in a sweet treat because that will only upset my stomach and at that point in the game I doubt I'll be up for it.
This practice is suppose to clean literally everything out of the body, so you start fresh once it's all said and done. For example one person did it who was a chain smoker and vomited up tar basically because this is getting everything out one way or the other.

The Asana practice performed after drinking the detox drink.

So thankfully those delicious cakes I've been treating myself too apparently won't matter, although I'll most likely be regretting it tomorrow.

I am sincerely looking forward to seeing my sisters in Dubai and doing some awesome tourist things, but until then I will continue to embrace this yogic lifestyle as best I can.

Oh and although this whole experience has been a detox in itself I have clearly snuck away to find sweet treats and Oreos but I am still following the vegetarian protocol (I can't say vegan anymore because I am sure the treats at the bakery I have scarfed down were made with an egg which is not allowed in that diet) but for vegetation protocol that means I have not had a piece of meat since I left the states. In addition to the fact I have not had a sip of alcohol (although that's not part of their diet) so I'm staying strong.

Anyway I am sincerely looking forward to a big juicy cheese burger with guacamole and fries on the side. As well as a fat tasty crab cake. And of course a nice beer to go with it wouldn't hurt.... So indulge for me!!! And when you take that delicious yummy filled bite think of me over here in India sitting on the floor (since chairs don't exist in this culture) eating kitchari (the two grain dish) for the next 72 hours. 


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  1. Such a relatable post. The food looks great by the way, that actually looks like a Pakistani Dish called " Daal Chawal " one of my favourites. I would also die for a juicy burger right now, so we are on the same page! Looking forward to seeing another article!