One Destination to The Next

I have been enjoying the present so much I have not had a chance to think about my exciting future plans. And it's a great thing. 

India taught me a lot and I wouldn't doubt if I refer to that chapter of my life in my future blogs. 

Importantly, it taught me to live in the present moment.

And that's no easy task.

However with ease I have been absorbing every present moment.

From Left: Alex, my oldest sister. Middle: Rachel, my middle sister. Right: Me.
After India I have been living it up to the fullest. Now, that's all subjective but when you've been constricted to cold bucket showers and no air conditioning plus the other amenities not available, everything after that is heaven.

Although this trip in Dubai would be a blast for any person, for me coming from tougher Indian living conditions, it put me in the mind set of "now" and forever positive vibes.

I was blessed to be in the presence of my sisters and I certainly enjoyed every moment with them. (Even the ones where we didn't get along). The last time us three did something together has been years.

We went on a desert safari riding camels and ATVS. We spent sometime at a Bedouin village, took a boat tour and bus tour (the Hop in Hop Off Bus), visiting the famous Atlantis hotel and seeing the only seven star hotel in the world. We went Burj Khalifa, the tallest building in the world, we went to the beach and we skied and snowboarded at the indoor ski resort! All in three days. Literally, no time to rest. But that's my kind of vacation.

The best part, hard to say. But I love that they know me inside and out despite the fact I see them a few times a year, if that. It was some great bonding. 

My one sister and I were even asked if we were twins because we kept responding to his questions at the same time with the same response in the same tone. It was obnoxious but funny. We couldn't help it. 

Since we had such a packed schedule doing something every minute of the day it went with the blink of an eye. And when we took off and landed in Amsterdam for a layover I still didn't think about my future but I was so ready to get out in the city for a few hours before my next departure took off.

And I did. 

We landed at 6 in the morning. I freshened up and by 830 I headed out to the city. I got on the bus route to the centre city, bus 169, and around quarter after 9 I got off at the Vondel Park, the most famous park in the Netherlands. 

It was an overcast day but I was very happy to feel a cool breeze and no humidity. It was amazing. I had to head back by 1130 to give myself time for my next flight departing at 1300... I wanted extra time to go through passport check point and security. 

After strolling around I saw the water tours were opening up and to my convenience an hour canal tour started in two minutes at 1020! How perfect. 
On the tour boat in Amsterdam
I went! It was nice to see the city from the canal and learn about some history. As soon as I walked off the boat I got to the bus stop and conveniently my bus was leaving to the airport! It was incredible.

I got on the bus at 11:25. And made it back to the airport by noon. It was seriously perfect.

I got through security and passport check in and to my gate thirty minutes prior to boarding. This gave me time to freshen up and FaceTime my mother real quick. It was ideal.

I couldn't have had a more smooth layover.

Although it does take preparation in order to do it. I did research on what I could do, where, how far, how much it would cost, how to get there, etc. I was looking at visiting the Van Gogh museum or the Anne Frank house but I decided I wanted fresh air and I didn't want to be rushed in the tour. I think I made the right decision. And if I come back here I'll make sure I visit both places. In addition to the famous tulip garden, Keukenhof, which I would have loved to visit but it was not in season! (March-May is season) 

However I did purchase some tulips buds to plant in Panama.

Anyway, I have arrived to my house in Panama, and estoy muy contenta. 

Life is good. 

Advice: be happy right now. No need to always look forward to the future, even if it looks wonderful because then we will never get the chance to enjoy the moment. Plus, the future is unpredictable. If you can't enjoy the present, you can't enjoy much of life. Who know's what tomorrow will bring. 

Until then,

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